Hello wonderful readers! When it comes to a natural andorganic makeup product, Hynt Beauty completely confident with the line ofluxurious color and skin care cosmetic with our own rigorous ingredient qualityspecifications, offering the ultimate experience in beautiful skin. I have beentesting different makeup products to wear for own special occasion. I m doingmy own makeup so I decided to try Hynt Beauty’s Perfecting Concealer, and I doget excited when I find a cream formula that is well made and stand up to someof its conventional counterparts.

Hynt Beauty is known by the name of Cristopher Drummond andalthough the concealer has been receiving rave reviews for some time, it wasn’tuntil their rebrand that the packaging caught my eye.Hynt beauty co-founderMeryl Marshall founded the line to fill a gap in the market to makeup that bothlook and feel good on the skin without ingredients associated with healthrisks. Quickly, her search for luxurious beauty essential made with healthieringredient turned into an elusive hunt.

I have tried quite a lot of natural concealers over theyears and they all generally have a more dewy formula, great for a natural lookbut not so good for oily skin or for those who wish a flawless finish. I wasshocked when applying Duet perfecting concealer, just the smallest amount ofthis to cover up acne scars, pigmentation or just uneven skin tone, it driesdown to an almost matte formula on the skin. The pigmentation is really ratherimpressive as well, a little goes a long way. Just a thin layer will give yousmooth skin. Use sparingly.

When compared to other similar products such as LauraMercier Secret Camouflage, it has a similar product but feels slightly moreemollient, a less dewy and more pigmented finish suitable for those with dryskin. It’s one of the only natural concealers I don’t feel the need to powerimmediately after application. But the minor complaint that I can’t use thisunder my eyes. It just doesn’t end up looking nice. The medium color isdefinitely a closer match to me to conceal the flaw but it highlights whilecovering any scar and pigment on your cheekbones.

The concealer comes in six shade in total including  Fair/Light, Light/Medium, Medium/Tan, Tan/Dark or Dark/Deep. Get it a try. You get plenty of product to really test this out of all for $6 with free shipping. This concealer is one of the best purchase and will get a lot of use in the winter months as my skin tone gets a little lighter. Have you tried Hynt Beauty? What should I try next?

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