Ice Chips Candy Review (Holiday Gift Guide)

Ice Chips Candy Review (Holiday Gift Guide)

About Ice Chips Candy

Bev Vines-Haines and Charlottet e Clary, the co-founder Ice Chips Candy. They meet each other in 1986 and explore products for your skin and salves to treat toenail funges.When they stumbled upon a delicious xylitol-sweetened dessert that tasted like real candy, things really started to take-off.
One trite expression says, “Even a blind pig eventually finds an acorn.” So true. One day Bev and Charlotte were discussing a friend suffering from toenail fungus. It was bad. He was an Air Force pilot who had served three tours in Vietnam and often had to wear heavy boots for days at a time. Charlotte said, “You know we know how to fix that.” Bev agreed. So they formulated an anti-fungal salve, went out and bought the ingredients and cooked their invention up on Charlotte’s stove. They mailed it off to their friend. Eventually they heard from him that it worked! In fact, they recently took a picture of his ten perfect toenails.

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The things you would love at Ice Chips Candy

They burst with flavor and grab your attention!

Enjoy ICE CHIPS® throughout your day to keep breath fresh, and teeth healthier!

No Corn, Sugar, Soy, Wheat, Gluten or Dairy. Vegan.

ICE CHIPS® truly are the best candies … cheap in calories and good for the teeth.

What is Xylitol?

Xylitol is a polyol, a sugar alcohol. It is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits.
It is all natural, safe for diabetics and has many health benefits.
Mostly, it is made from birch bark or corn. Ice Chips Candy uses only the birch bark Xylitol in order to avoid any chance of using Genetically Modified Corn (GMO). Additionally, the process and availability render this product much more expensive than sugar.
Ice Chips Candy uses Xylitol (made in the USA), in order to access the health benefits, particularly the dental and diabetic advantages.
We researched and understood the benefits of Xylitol early on at our parent company Healing Leaf LLC. We even sold a compressed pill-like candy for a while but wanted something with a higher concentration of Xylitol and a lower price point. While we could easily acquire bulk Xylitol, we were told it was impossible to make a hard candy.

If you want to get an impossible task accomplished, you might try going to someone with little knowledge of the subject but a passion for getting things done. Because we were health product experts but not Xylitol experts we ignored all the warnings. Lo and behold, within two days of trying, we created a tasty hard Xylitol candy in three different yummy flavors. Within a week we had seven of our current 18 flavors and we were selling Ice Chips to our friends.

We never underestimate the public’s willingness to do the right thing for their bodies. We understand it is possible to get a package of breath mints for a couple dollars. But those mints will not benefit teeth, fight germs and bacteria, prevent ear infections while being safe (and recommended) for diabetics.

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