Ideas For Decorating A Baby Nursery On A Budget

Ideas For Decorating A Baby Nursery On A Budget

Ideas for Decorating a Baby Nursery on a Budget

Find out how to decorate a beautiful baby nursery on a budget.

The baby nursery is the place for parents to express their love, wishes, and hopes for their unborn child. It’s the place of magic, of grandeur, of---you get the point. Especially for new parents, the desire to create a unique nursery that matches or embodies their love for their unborn child leads to excessive amounts of money being spent on cribs, changing tables, murals, and the like. And while a lot of money can get you a beautiful nursery so can a little bit of money and a lot of planning.

From buying at discount department stores to designing your own furniture. here, you’ll find some practical tips that you can use to save money on your nursery and get the most design bang for your buck.

Tips for Saving Money on the Nursery

  • Pick a theme. Choose your nursery theme at the outset to guide your nursery purchases. According to Salon Privé Shop, the best nursery themes are those that are broad and general enough to encompass a greater variety of décor choices. Some great general themes are colors or color families.
  • Join Freecycle. If you haven’t heard of it already, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. Freecycle is a group with chapters organized in various cities around the world. Members of Freecycle have the opportunity to give away and accept free stuff. I know! It sounds amazing, and it is. If you get started on Freecycle early, you can post your nursery needs and have other members respond to your needs, or you can view others' offers of nursery goods. The best part of Freecycle is that everything is free and there’s no commitment. If you join Freecycle with a plan in mind for your nursery, you really have nothing to lose.
  • Buy used or accept quality hand-me-downs whenever possible. If Freecycle doesn’t pan out much for you, check your local thrift stores, check eBay, and yard sales for great nursery furniture and other goodies. When searching for items, be sure to look for great deals and great products. Check product recall lists to ensure that nothing that you’ve found is deemed unsafe for your baby and keep an open mind. With your theme in mind, search for items that, while used, appear durable and full of personality.
  • Shop at Ikea and other bargain stores. For items that you can’t find used, check bargain stores like Ikea. Ikea has a great baby furniture department that features items mostly under $100 bucks. Talk about great savings! With Ross, Marshalls, and TJMaxx, ybe prepared to check their inventory often as it changes, sometimes, on a daily basis.
  • Use toys and pictures as accent décor pieces. A great baby nursery is one that is infused with your personality as a parent and your wishes for your baby. One great way to save money and add character to a nursery is by using pictures of the family and toys to create a playful and familial vibe. With pictures, have fun. Choose shots that represent your family and your interests. Pair black and white shots with colorful toys for visual interest. Most of all, be creative!
  • Be on the lookout for things you already own that could serve well in a baby’s nursery. Have a unique lamp or picture frame that is not being used elsewhere? Well, consider putting it in the baby’s nursery. Of course, to personalize the old item, consider painting it o buy a new lamp shade, in the case of a lame. Be open-minded.
  • Think long-term. Because your baby will outgrow the nursery before you know it, it is recommended that when planning your nursery, be sure to make wise furniture (think babyproofing for the toddler years) and color choices. In general, with colors, it is best to stick with simple solids, that way, the décor can easily be swapped in and out to match your child’s growing personality and interests.
  • Considerfurniture wisely. Perhaps one of the least used pieces of furniture in a baby’s nursery is the changing table. Yes. It’s true. Ask any parent if they really use their changing table and they’ll likely say "no." Rather than a changing table, consider just purchasing a dresser or chest or maybe even some storage bins. And, if you must have a changing table, just add a changing table pad to that dresser or chest, and voila, you have killed two birds with one stone.
  • Visit a local craft store and be inspired. From storage benches to storage boxes, to baby wall lettering, if you have a knack for DIY projects, you can save a lot of money and add an extra special personal touch to your baby's nursery. If you plan ahead, you can get almost any nursery project done in time for the new baby.
  • Go big on one baby item. Whether it’s a $100 rug or a $50 piece of wall art, for one item in your baby’s nursery, give yourself permission to go big! Just remember that when going big, you should also be aware of how your big item will work with the rest of your décor.

Pay Attention to the Bigger Picture

As all these tips convey, you can have a beautiful and creative baby nursery on a budget. And this is not to say that lots of money can't get you a great nursery, it can. The point is that so can a little bit of money and some planning and thinking outside of the box. The nursery should be a labor of love, one that will be fondly remembered for your and your child's lifetime. Good luck!

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