10 Cheap And Romantic Date Ideas For Your First Date

10 Cheap And Romantic Date Ideas For Your First Date

Have you succumbed to the convenience of searching for your next relationship online? Digital dating platforms provide such a convenient environment for introducing yourself to a diverse range of like-minded individuals. Once you’ve connected with someone online, you will find it very easy to strike up a rapport by exchanging direct messages. After establishing sufficient chemistry, you’ll be eager to take your relationship to the next level with face-to-face encounters.

While an online dating website will present all the tools you need for tracking down someone compatible, applying algorithms to find you an appropriate match, what happens when you agree to take dating online to the next level? Understandably, you will be focused on creating the best possible impression. Some singles make grand gestures, inviting their new partner out for a candlelight dinner in an exclusive restaurant. Or whisking them away for some romantic weekend getaway in an exotic destination. A more recommended suggestion would be keeping your aspirations grounded. This isn’t about being tight-fisted. Romantic dates can be just as meaningful when the planning involves sincere thought rather than splashing the cash. This will allow you to develop your bond without going over the top unnecessarily. Think quality, not quantity. So let’s look into 10 cheap date ideas that will still achieve a wonderful ambiance for your initial date.

Picnic in the park

All that is required is for you to agree to a scenic location, then pack a basic hamper crammed with refreshments. There are so many wonderful landscapes that would form the perfect backdrop to your liaison. What better way to establish a positive way forward than enjoying sandwiches washed down with plastic beakers of bubbly?

Coffee shop

There is nothing quite like a caffeine injection to get a date off to a flying start. Enjoying coffee has become an integral part of socializing in the modern age, with a choice of tasty savories and cakes to be enjoyed with whichever coffee flavor is most to your taste.


Inviting your partner over for a night in front of captivating movies is another surefire way of kindling sparks. Choose a cheesy rom-com and succumb to the mood.

Splashing around

A trip to your local swimming pool would be another excellent way of getting to know your partner better. Whether or not you are a swimmer capable of doing multiple lengths or you’d be content with having fun in the shallow end, the bonus would be getting to see each other virtually naked!


Whether you lounge in the steam room or allow your bodies to be fine-tuned by an expert masseuse, a spa session will allow you to unwind together.

Gym sessions

Spending an hour or so at your local leisure center can be hard work but great fun. You can test your prowess on the treadmills or lift some weights. Plan your sessions by watching keep-fit videos – these will put you in the mood for serious sweating!


This is another excellent date activity because it not only allows you to enjoy riveting excursions, it is also good for your health. You can choose different routes on each occasion

Alcohol in moderation

Form a team of two at your local pub quiz. These can be entertaining events as you dream up a quirky name for your duo and try to avoid receiving the booby prize. Vineyards offering tours where you can discover the wonderful techniques involved in producing mouth-watering wines are other options. You’ll get free samples afterward.


When rocking up for your first date, do so in different guises. Wear costumes. Why not book a hotel room, acting like strangers when you meet at the bar? This will allow you to find out a lot about each other’s characters, not to mention delving into their sense of humor. You’ll have a night of intimacy to anticipate and a full breakfast in the morning where you’ll be able to review the previous evening’s events while gazing into each other’s eyes.

Sporting events

Whether or not either of you is a huge fan, the atmosphere inside a hockey rink, baseball stadium, or athletics arena can be electric. If you grow bored with the sporting event, there are always lots of refreshment stands where you can order fast food. And beer!

To conclude, we have offered a snapshot of the many worthwhile dating ideas that will kindle romance, not excessive credit card bills! It would be worthwhile planning something more elaborate for the not-too-distant future, say a Caribbean break or African safari. But in the meantime, the emphasis should be on the fun at a budget! You’ll find that the more you explore the possibilities, the more your imagination will be triggered. Soon you and your partner will be chatting all about different date activities to enjoy, and the suggestions will flow.

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