Idle Sleep Reviews: Make Your Sleep Become Unique

Idle Sleep Reviews: Make Your Sleep Become Unique

About Idle Sleep

IDLE Sleep is an online bedding store for dual-sided, luxury mattresses, which can be flipped and turned for a longer life-span. They provide four different types of mattress models that are available in almost every size. The unique buoyancy foam technology creates better cooling and pressure relief for most sleeping positions.

Unlike other companies in this industry , IDLE Sleep mattresses are built to order and come in four different models designed with dual-sided options. Because of its unique two-sided sleep design, they provide a limited lifetime warranty which also distinguishes it from other mattress manufacturers. In addition, they provide free delivery and returns and has a full refund policy. IDLE Sleep a relatively new company and therefore does not have much of an Internet presence, however, reviews posted on its website as well as other sleep speciality websites are extremely positive.

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About products

IDLE Sleep mattresses are made with four different models that share one defining feature: a longer-lasting two-sided design with dual firmness for easy switching between medium and “luxury” levels of firmness. All models come with a ThermoCool cover, except for its Latex Hybrid model which has an organic cotton cover. IDLE mattresses are made with the company’s own cooling buoyancy foam technology that gives its mattresses better pressure relief and less push back when compared to other traditional bedding materials. The foam also sleeps much cooler than memory foam mattresses.

Additionally, IDLE Mattresses use the quantum-to-edge-support unit, one of the best coil units currently available in the market. This unit offers excellent edge support, motion reduction, and is extremely durable. Fire retardant is not clearly listed on the website nor are any industry certifications. The company also sells bedding accessories including a basic bed frame, smart and adjustable frames as well as pillows and bed sheets.

And the best thing is the price which is affordable for that high level of quality.


Published by Daren

I purchased the Idle Hybrid and have held off for almost 2 months to review it to give the bed and my body a proper courtship…and it’s AMAZING. I tend to take a long time buying anything over $100 and research it thoroughly. After about 4 weeks and many many hours of reading about the foams and coil units in the bed as well as comparing it to other online brands Idle is a no brainer, hands down. This bed is so much nicer than any brand I have looked at online or in store including the more well known brands and for a better price! Pay attention to the info on the website, it’s very helpful and ultimately what helped me pull the trigger. Love my Idle!

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