A Guide On Important Things To Consider About Quilts 

A Guide On Important Things To Consider About Quilts 

Quilt refers to one of the most efficient crafting creations made by combining various shapes, designs, and colours. A quilt usually follows the patchwork. If you want to get Australian quilt covers, you need to know all about them.

Whether you're looking for a King quilt size in Australia or just a smaller size, you can always reach out to Big Bedding. Before the 1970s, quilts in Australia were referred to as continental quilts, and the terms quilt or doona can be used interchangeably. 

What is a doona? 

Doona refers to a soft, flat bag filled quilt that helps to add warmth. They are usually made of feathers, synthetic fibre or cotton. It is advisable to reach out to professionals to get the Australian quilt covers. The filling usually offers a white fabric casing for doona. The different doona sizes are available in Australia, including cot, single, double, queen, king and super king-size beds

Different parts of the quilt

If you are getting a King quilt size in Australia, you need to be familiar with the various elements. The significant parts of quilt include the following:


Binding refers to the outer part of the quilt that has a long and thin fabric strip. It is made to provide edge security and covers the raw edges. The binding helps to ensure everything is held together. 

Quilt top

The quilt top refers to the outer layer of the quilt. This is basically the part that you observe on the outer layer of the quilt. The design will vary depending on how everything is sewn together, and it plays an important role in adding the design. The square pieces are usually covered and then joined separately. 


The backing of a quilt is the third and the bottom layer. It helps to add an extra range of fabric. In this case, everything must be seen together as per the coordinates. This helps in creating the large quilts and ensures complete direction. 

What is GSM for quilts? 

Big Bedding has a wide range of best quilt covers in Australia. GSM refers to the grams per square metre, which is basically the weight of fabric in terms of quilts. When you buy a quilt, it will weigh some grams, and the GSM of a quilt will determine the warmth and weight. 

Should I choose bamboo quilts? 

Bamboo quilts are made to provide warmth. There are numerous of them available online, but not everything will provide the needed warmth. When you want warmth, you need to choose slightly heavy quilts, and the use of Australian quilt covers will help to increase the warmth. 

The size of the bamboo quilt will vary significantly. Usually, the estimated size is 350 GSM. If the GSM is light, the quilt will determine cooling during summer. Bamboo quilts are warm, but they can be used during autumn and spring. Although warm, bamboo quilts may not be the right choice for winter, these quilts are slightly light for the winter months. 

How often should you wash your doona? 

Once you get a doona, you need to ensure that you wash it from time to time. Even when you have quilt covers, you need to ensure that you clean them both. A quilt or doona should be washed once in six months as a rule of thumb. Furthermore, when there is a change of season, and you switch from winter to summer, you need to ensure proper washing. It is advisable to store it in a warm place. If you have a quilt set, you need to wash them regularly. 


Once you plan to get quilts, you might as well get Australian quilt covers from Big Bedding. These quilt covers need to be chosen as per the GSM, and you should do some research around the quilts before choosing to get the best. 

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