Improving Your Online Store Revenue Organically: 7 Tips

Improving Your Online Store Revenue Organically: 7 Tips


Regardless of what business you’re operating, whether you’re selling u-bаnds or vitamins, the primary goal to consider for a business should always be to make money. The problem is that increasing revenue isn’t always as simple as it seems. That said, there are many ways of making additional revenue online, and these can be implemented both quickly and easily. In this article, we’ll be looking at several online business increase sales strategies. Ready? Let’s go and find out more.

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1. Sales copy should be honest

It may seem like an obvious point, but it’s incredible to see just how many businesses fail to pick up on this. Never make any claims that are outlandish or that you can’t substantiate with facts and data. A straightforward, honest approach is always best in your copy. This is especially true given people’s disinterest in marketing drivel - don’t make your copy sound like drivel to the audience! From your email marketing campaigns to your online sales copy, if you want organic revenue to come from trust in your brand, leave out anything that isn’t true.


As an example, consider the trouble that PETA recently put itself through. An advert they made in 2013 was pulled from billboards in the UK by the Advertising Standards Authority. On what basis, you might ask? For making completely unsubstantiated claims. The damage to the brand’s credibility is likely to bring about a lot less revenue, ultimately hurting their cause. If you have a business, take pride in being upfront and honest to your target audience, and people will respect it. Never try to be something you’re not because consumers will be able to tell.


2. Trust icons

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One of the best ways to increase online sales is by showing trust icons on checkout pages. It’s all about building up a rapport with your audience and getting them to trust that you are the ones to turn to. If you look at some online sales increase statistics, a recent study by Acquisio found that over 60% of online shoppers decided not to purchase if they could not find any trust icons on a page. That’s a significant percentage!


A great tip is to use a certified trust seal. Anything that can be verified by a reputable third party organisation will work well in your favour. If you have any professional accreditations that can be attributed to your business, stick them on your website. Even something as trivial as a membership to a professional organisation or a Better Business Bureau certification can work wonders.


3. More ad clicks

If you’re looking to make money by selling online, it’s imperative to use Ad Extensions to increase online sales conversion. When you use these, you can make ads bigger and provide more places for people to click. The best thing is that extensions increase click-through conversions, and they won’t cost you anything extra. If a consumer can have an extra place to click, this could save them time. Make the consumer’s shopping experience as easy and streamlined as you can.


4. Happy customers

Showing off what happy customers have said about your company is a brilliant and organic way of boosting revenue. In today’s social media savvy world, customer feedback has never been more important. It can be argued that an array of satisfied customers has more influence over your audience than perfectly written sales copy or targeted advertising, so make sure you include some testimonials.


Testimonials can appear anywhere, from your product page to your pricing page, and maybe even your homepage if you’ve got the space. Even displaying this information on the deposit page of an online casino will work if this is your business. Anything that signals trust will be bound to increase online revenue. If people can have a more favourable perception of your business, they will overcome their hesitations there and then. Get those testimonials up for the whole world to see!


5. Pointing out popular plans

There is a simple psychological principle commonly used in marketing known as the bandwagon effect. In essence, people like doing things that they know others currently enjoy. Similar people can become experts in the eyes of the consumer, and it’s why companies are often using phrases such as “recommended by the majority of doctors” or “Australia’s number one brand”. 


Using statements like this acts as a degree of social proof to the product you’re providing. This is a powerful influence in decision-making and will help boost your sales revenue if implemented correctly. People want to feel like there is a sense of community guiding their choices, so they rely on what is the popular consensus. If other people have picked a product, and it’s several people, the consumer will want to follow suit.


Always use this to your advantage. On your website, point out the most popular options of plans and add-on product suggestions to increase online sales. Showcase the things that people have bought recently, and don’t be afraid to promote any of this because it’s useful for consumers.

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6. Urgency is key

As we have discussed, transparency and honesty are key to boosting revenues. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t create a sense of urgency. This will persuade people to buy your products and services right now. By throwing in a time-critical element, people will be quick to make decisions.


Some winning strategies include creating a limited edition product that can only be purchased for a certain time. If you’re not able to do this, a financial incentive or sale on a product can work just as well, as long as it’s only available for a short time. Any incentive can be made urgent, including free shipping or next-day delivery.


7. Moneyback guarantees

More often than not, consumers decisions are guided by risk of aversion. The consumer is always trying to avoid potential losses, so a simple moneyback guarantee is bound to be more appealing to them. Any perceived financial risk is going to get a consumer questioning whether they should buy your product or not. What if the product doesn’t work, or they don’t like what they have? If someone feels uneasy, they will go to a different business in seconds. It doesn’t matter whether a potential purchase is small or large, there will always be a risk of buyer’s remorse.


The more you do to remove risk for a consumer, the more likely they are to make a purchase. If you can think of anything that could dissuade someone from buying, think about how you can guarantee to rid consumers of this. A simple moneyback guarantee is usually the best solution.


Online sales are in your hands

Hopefully, now that you’ve read our piece, you’ll know how to increase online sales in an organic manner. Generating revenue needn’t be about forking out thousands in un-recoupable advertising costs, or employing a dozen salesmen to go door to door. Sometimes the best solutions are those where you can do things organically. All the best!


Do you know how to increase sales online store in an organic way? Tell us your tips in the comments section below.


Author’s bio:

Chris Delgado is a young copywriter working in marketing and investment, also studying IT and programming. He is currently working on several marketing works and plans to develop in this area in the future. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling and visiting museums of contemporary art.

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