15 Interesting Things About Tesla You May Not Know

15 Interesting Things About Tesla You May Not Know

Tesla is a leading electric car with unique features. Its feature attracts buyers from all over the world. From autopilot to fast charging all features of tesla are attractive and unique.

These are the best things about tesla's electric car. Below there are 15 interesting things you may not know about tesla's electric car.

 Interesting Things About Tesla

1. Autopilot

All these models have a unique feature of autopilot. The new model of tesla also has 8 external cameras, 12 ultrasonic sensors and also have a computer boarded. These features of tesla help us to easily drive and get enjoy more than other cars. It is a feature which gives some extra chance to customers to use updated version cars.

2. Bioweapon defence mode

Tesla is one of the leading cars at the current time. It has various features which a person cannot imagine one of its best features is its bioweapon defence mode is included in tesla model x and model y. It is the best filtration system that filters toxic chemicals from getting into the car. This feature is helpful for users in many ways in this modern era when humans can use bioweapon for others.

3. Touchscreen

Tesla models have a unique feature of the touchscreen. It has given many options for video games and life traffic updates these features are due to the touch screen of Tesla cars. It gives you one more feature of climate control and navigation. That's one can choose a Tesla car due to the feature of the touchscreen.

4. Advanced parking sensors

Tesla's advanced parking sensors in their new car are very much helpful for drivers. It helps to detect an object that is maybe too close. If your car gets too close to an object then your car will indicate through audible sound or visual indicator. You can prevent your car from wrong objects because it already alerts you. by this way, you can also save because these features of tesla's car help you in safety. These are the best things about Tesla cars.

5. Over the air updates

Tesla launches a new feature for cars as these cars receive over the air updates. This is the best feature in tesla cars as it makes them safer. Tesla Cars cannot be updated when updates are being installed but these can be operated when updates are downloading. It is a feature in Tesla that can attract the attention of buyers.

6. Option for streaming services

Tesla cars give you a unique feature of streaming services. the touchscreen in Tesla gives you options to stream your favourite videos. But to stream your videos it is important to park your car. So this feature of Tesla doesn't get you bored. You can park your car and watch your favourite videos.

7. Air Suspension

Tesla Cars have one more important quality feature of the auto raising air suspension system You can coordinate your care with GPS. You can also have the option to changes the firmness of suspension through the Tesla control panel. It is best to feature for those who are not clear about the correct road. User can dive their car in the right direction with the help of GPS. These are the best things about Tesla electric cars.

8. Should I buy an electric or petrol car?

Electric car charging station

Steadily electric cars are attracting attention from all over the world. In electric cars, Tesla starts to become the leading electric Car. It has many other features with electric cars that get attention from all over the world. But electric cars are more expensive than petrol cars. Petrol cars are still the most used car in the world. Petrol cars are less expensive than electric cars. Electric cars are also faster than petrol cars but petrol cars are easy to maintain and drive. Therefore you should buy a petrol car but if you want to enjoy some extra features then you should buy an electric car.

9. How many kilometres does Tela's car run?

The Tesla car With the Model is a fast electric tesla car. Its range is higher as it can run 575km(360).

10. Web Browser

In tesla for internet while your car is parked. You have access to the Internet. You have the option of access to the internet.

11. Senitry mode

Sentry mode allows you to keep eye on your parked car from anywhere in the world.

12. Superchargers

There are ais25000 supercharging stations around the globe. You can charge your car for 15 minutes for 200 miles.

13. The Key

Many options cannot be used for tesla cars. Tesla key is different and found in fobs shaped

14. The Frunk

Frunk in tesla is just like a trunk in the truck. But it is found in the front instead of the back

15. Explicit lyrics bar

In tesla your music app, you can expurgate lyrics in songs. It is a unique feature of the Tesla electric car.


So if you want to buy a Tesla electric car then it is the best choice because it has many features which other cars don't have. Above there you can read all features of tesla that make it unique and one of the most attractive cars in the world.

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