Is Black Friday A Big Thing In Denmark?

Is Black Friday A Big Thing In Denmark?

Black Friday has spread over the world, and the Scandinavian countries are not left behind. Black Friday hasn't been bigger like this in the Nordic region. All over the Nordic region, Black Friday has become a big deal. Many Danes delay their biggest shopping till the end of the year. ReviewsBird gives more insight into black Friday deals in Denmark. 

In this article, I have explained why the relationship between Denmark and Black Friday and its importance to the Danish people. Let's get to it. 

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Black Friday

Black Friday is an American tradition that is held on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the last Friday in November. It is the ideal day to warm up for Christmas shopping in December and a great opportunity to get the first Christmas presents. Just like in the USA, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day in Denmark when the city center is crowded with shoppers and cars. 

Black Friday in Denmark

Black Friday is a well-established tradition in the USA that has sailed across the Atlantic to Denmark. Black Friday is also called “shop amok day,” and for a good reason. It has become the biggest shopping day in Denmark’s history. Black Friday became a mega retailing event in 2014 with 4.5 million Dankort transactions. It remains the highest number of payment card transactions in a single day. 

Black Friday was first introduced in 2013 in Denmark when a few online shopping sites used it as part of their sales campaigns. The following year, more and more retail businesses joined in, and today stores and businesses across the entire country use Black Friday to advertise unique special offers.

Products that can be shopped on Black Friday in Denmark.

Bedre naetter

Also called unique beds, bedre naetter sells reliable, soft, and quality bedding products. 

With bedre naetter, you can get any bed that suits your needs. Choose, e.g., different firmness for you and your partner so you each get the unique comfort you deserve.

Do you sleep on your side? Do you feel hot at night or have problems with allergies? Do you suffer from back pain, or do you just dream of a bigger bed? There are many preferences. 

Camille Brinch Jewellery

Camille jewelry deals with all kinds of jewelry, like bracelets, rings, earrings, ankle rings, etc. They're a Danish brand to be checked out on Black Friday. 


Homeshop is Danes' favorite online shopping place with things for home & garden.

Homeshop builds long-term relationships with their customers through serious trade in everything for the home and garden and by paying attention to the customers' needs and wishes.

They sell all kinds of good garden and home equipment 

Shark gaming 

Shark Gaming is the strongest gaming brand in the Nordics, and that is no coincidence. Everything they sell is thoroughly tested, and built by people with core competencies in each field. Their processes are imbued with a gigantic drive to create constantly wilder gaming machines for pros and general gamers.

If you’re a game freak, this is the perfect time to buy your favorite game. It can make the holidays more fun. Jump on their Black Friday sales with amazing discounts. 

Black Friday has become an annual event that Danish people look forward to anxiously. Danes shop for their favorite and desired products on this day as they are assured of getting great discounts on their products. So, it is a very big shopping event in Denmark. A very big deal it is here. Get used to the culture and enjoy amazing discounts on your desired products.

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