Top Deal Of The Day Items_Journey Five

Top Deal Of The Day Items_Journey Five

Liberty Distressed Eagle Tee

Made of smooth sweating material with a simple picture in front, this T-shirt is a basically indispensable items in your closet!

Virginia Ruffle Sleeve Top

This orange color helps you stand out your white skin very effectively. The part of the sleeve is fluttering to make you more feminine. You can easily match it with shorts, jeans or even skirts. So convenient!

Ramona Stripe Ruffle Sleeve Top

A simple horizontal t-shirt is considered as an indispensable item. Combining it with jeans or shorts makes you look more dynamic. Especially if you take part in physical activities, this will be the perfect choice as it’s so neat.

Anastasia Wide Leg Crop Pant

Let’s refresh yourself with a simple outfit as in the picture! The suspicious pants with light material help you feel comfortable in your daily activities. Elastic belt creates accent for the outfit.

Kaydence Lace Dress

Swoon! The feminine pink dress with unique lace texture looks very eye-catching. The dress is suitable for serious events such as birthday parties or weddings.

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