Journey Through History By Visiting These American Revolution Sites

Journey Through History By Visiting These American Revolution Sites

The East Coast is littered with battle sites and landmarks from the revolution, each telling their tale about who fought there and what it meant for the people of that area and time.

Although it's impossible to track down every skirmish, most large battles and disagreements would be hard to lose to time. Nevertheless, these American revolution sites are all part of what made America the country it is today!

Minute Man National Historical Park

Concord, Lincoln, and Lexington, Massachusetts

This national park holds up the memory of the first battle of the revolution. The first shots of the war were fired here, including the famous ‘shots heard round the world’ by colonial militiamen. This was April 1775, just three months before the nation would name itself as a country.  

The name Minuteman comes after this militia, who were famous for being quickly ready to battle at any moment. Being prepared to fight back within a minute's warning gave them the ability to fight this battle and help create the America we have today.

Colonial National Historical Park

Yorktown, Virginia       

If you’re looking at Richmond apartments, you may want to take a break and drive a short hour to this interesting coastal historical park. Located in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia, this National Park is a twenty-three-mile stretch of land that tells a long story. Stretching from Yorktown, where the Battle of Yorktown took place, it makes it to Jamestown, the site of one of the first settlements of Europeans on American soil.  

Through this reach, it brings together two important pieces of American history and connects them for everyone to see.  It can be mind-boggling to realize these two historical things happened so close to each other, but people must be capable of seeing how small the world was before cars and planes.

Boston National Historical Park

Dorchester Heights in South Boston, Massachusetts

Showcasing Boston's place in the Revolutionary war, the Boston National Historical Park walks visitors through some of the history without shying away from the human loss and emotional toll of those who battled for their rights. Although this park is home to 43 different important historical moments, each is given the time and effort it deserves, ensuring that visitors can feel the depth of human loss and the meaning that went into their decision to fight.

Although not every ideal of the founding fathers is shared by American citizens in the modern era, we can still look to them to see the lengths to which they want to ensure our current lives. 

Independence National Historical Park

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This indoor and outdoor exhibit has everything from the liberty bill to important information on the different battles and the countless people who fought in them. The displays here get updated when information changes or is updated and take themselves very seriously when creating a learning exhibit for visitors. Live performers help blur the line between the future and the past until it's one story.

Saratoga National Historical Park

Stillwater, New York

General Burgoyne includes 8,000-man British army, German soldiers and American Indians, marched down the Hudson River Valley with the aim of deviding the states and isolating New England in July 1777. 

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