Karma Candle Club Review: Good Karma. Great Candles.

Karma Candle Club Review: Good Karma. Great Candles.

About Karma Candle Club

In 2017, Ryan Magill decided to unite the concepts of candles, charities and community. This is when Karma Candle Club was formed. It was his goal to not only bring the best quality candles to people across the county but to promote a sense of charity and community. With every box sent, Karma Candle Club donates to a charity of the subscriber’s choosing.

Features you would love at Karma Candle Club

Karma Candle Club is a monthly candle subscription box. Subscribers will discover the best small batch candle brands from around the country accompanied with a themed surprise gift. With every box sent, Karma Candle Club donates to the charity of your choosing. They also send subscribers a bracelet with the logo of the charity they have chosen.

Take a look at these great features of Karma Candle Club:

Karma Candle Club customer reviews

With Mother’s Day and my sister’s birthday coming up, I’ll be sending this gift to all the women in my life.
They feature new scents and from new companies every month. They even added a “Karma Bracelet”, which was a cute surprise. Who doesn’t love getting new candles every month?

I love the candles! They are high quality and smell great! This subscription is worth it! Great customer service I emailed and got a response within the day.

I am in real estate and I send all my clients the year subscription. It is a fun and easy way to stay in contact with them every month.
It’s always fun to discover the new candle brand every month. It’s kind of like wine tasting but for candles.

I didn’t care for the smell of the candle either. I was a bit harsh in my other review. They are a small company and working the bugs out, so to speak.
Customer service was absolutely wonderful I must say. I think this subscription box will be a must in no time at all!

These candles smell amazing. I am a candle addict & try a lot of different candle brands looking for one that meets my expectations which r fragrant & lasting fragrance & clean burning & no wax puddling. I am very satisfied w/Karma & am looking forward to getting my next month & am looking forward to what they offer for the holidays.

I received my subscription as a Birthday gift and I was sooo excited by the first box that arrived but had no idea how much fun it would be to have a fresh and new lovely surprise arrive in my mailbox each and every month! The candles are all unique, smell amazing and come wrapped in adorable cloth bags (that are great for recycling and using to wrap up little gifts in;) and each month a different surprise accompanies your candles… lip balm, tea, mini bath bombs, etc. I am head over heals for my Karma Candle Club as it makes me feel like it is my birthday every month!!! The quality is high and the price point is low and truth be told it is just sooo much fun to receive!!! I 100% recommend this club as a fabulous gift to give or to just treat yourself to!

I love this subscription box. I hope I don’t jinx it, but every candle I have gotten smells amazing. I love ‘discovering’ new candle companies and have gone on to buy more candles from companies. I highly recommend this subscription box.

Really excited about the new products we received. The candles have lasted much longer and fill the entire room. We were much happier with the shipping contents, as the bags provided to hold and protect the candles were versatile and reusable! The bracelet was a nice touch as I like to throw it on with a t-shirt and yoga pants. Thanks for such amazing improvements and products!

I received a six month subscription as a gift and absolutely loved this box! All of the candles smelled fantastic and were packaged in such cute, themed boxes. Getting my boxes in the mail was the perfect pick me up during my stressful college semester!



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