KC Tool Review: Is This Truly A German Hand Tool Specialty Store?

KC Tool Review: Is This Truly A German Hand Tool Specialty Store?

KC Tool advertises themselves as America’s #1 German Tool Distributor. And it is true that the brand has been receiving positive feedback about their products. We’ll make a short review of KC Tool so you’ll have a general understanding about the store.


KC Tool specializes in German tool brands, and currently carries Wiha, Wera, Knipex, Gedore, Heyco, Witte, Orbis, Ochsenkopf, Rennsteig, and Fein. There might be a couple of others, and I’m told that they’re soon bringing another brand into the mix.

Product Selection and Availability

Gedore pipe cutter

KC Tool generally has a very good selection and clear in-stock representations. For example, the Gedore 1/4″ hex deburring bit and it is “imported on order,” and expected lead time is “1-3+ weeks”. This Gedore pipe cutter is in “USA inventory” with a “1-3 business day” lead time. Others, such as this Wiha precision screwdriver set is “simply in-stock.”

Wiha precision screwdriver set

With the major brands, of course, there’s going to be some overlap with other sellers. But there are some hard-to-find offerings, such as this Gedore vegetable knife.

Gedore vegetable knife


Prices seem to be decent. Sometimes they’re a lot better than on other sites. For most products, KC Tool’s prices seem to be competitive. And some tools are a little pricier.

They have a tool deal of the day special that you should follow closely. There are some nice deals there, and they occasionally spotlight tools that could strike your interest and tempt your wallet.


We highly recommend you check out KC Tool’s website as there are lots of cool tools there!



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