Keller Heartt Review_Oil, Grease & Chemicals

Keller Heartt Review_Oil, Grease & Chemicals

About Keller Heartt

Keller Heartt is one of the best brands to provide oil, grease & chemicals for industry applications & trucking fleets. This brand has been a full-service oil and lubricant provider for over 80 years.
With distribution centers in both Chicago and Milwaukee, they now ship everywhere in the continental United States.

Why choose Keller Heartt?

Keller-Heartt Oil is your one-stop shop for automotive products

They have hundreds of automotive repair products in their inventory, making it one of the most comprehensive online collections that you’ll find. From oils to cleaners, from replacement parts to start-from-scratch DIY add-ons, their catalog is packed with useful items that you need to run a smooth operation.

Massive selection of lubricants, additives, and accessories for trucking

When you’re looking for the best truck products, from Shell Gadus S3 V220C to TerraCair diesel exhaust fluid, Keller-Heartt can help. Their massive selection of the world’s most popular lubricants, additives, and accessories at some of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere, which makes them your one-stop shop for truck products.

Extensive catalog of cleaners, solvents and more industrial products

At Keller-Heartt, they’re completely committed to providing you with all of the industrial products you need to run an effective business. That’s why their in-house experts are always scouting out new items and researching how well they work; you’ll always find the best products at the best prices in their extensive catalog.

Large inventory of top brands

Standing leader in the oil and lubricant industry

Fast & free delivery

No-Application process

Satisfaction guaranteed

Customers’ reviews

“I have purchased the same product previously and was satisfied. I will continue to purchase this product and when I have the opportunity to try another product I will.” – Mr. Ed.

“I am very excited about the product I ordered and the fact that free shipping is available for the large quantity that I ordered made me happy if I receive it in a timely manner as I am needing the product as quickly as possible. If there is a reason I need to pay more to expedite shipping I am willing to pay, I just need someone to tell me. The website stated that free shipping would be delivered to me within a week and I still do not have a shipping confirmation. Beyond that I am happy.” – William.

“I will buy from them next time I need bulk oil and glycol products.” – Arthur.

“Very pleased with the quick shipment and the professional experienced help with customer service. I’m so glad I found your company. The price was right for the item I ordered. A satisfied customer.” – Angus.

“Thank you for your quick free delivery.” – Ben W.

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