KeySmart Pro Vs KeySmart Rugged

KeySmart Pro Vs KeySmart Rugged

Both KeySmart Pro and KeySmart Rugged are produced by KeySmart brand. They are all designed to help people blow the anxiety of the bulky key chain. However, each product has its own outstanding features which can be discovered below.

KeySmart Pro

Looking at the structures of KS Pro, probably you’re so surprised because of its versatility.


  • Hold up to 10 keys, neatly organizes keys
  • Handy gadget
  • Include: Ultra bright LED light, bottle opener, Rechargeable Micro-USB Cable Included


  • Somewhere make range of Bluetooth limited

How to use:

1. Locate your missing keys on a map – in the free Tile™ App

2. Make your keys ring so you can find them faster

Press the Tile button on the KeySmart Pro to make your missing phone ring – even on silent!

KeySmart Rugged


  • Durable and capable of accommodating 2-14 keys
  • Designed with a removable pocket clip (No more key jingle, thigh pokes or holes in your pants!)
  • Loop piece included allows you to attach any bigger items
  • The front and back plates are now thicker at 2.79mm each
  • Perfect for car keys or fobs, keychains, and other everyday carry accessories

In brief, both KeySmart Pro and KeySmart Rugged have their own strengths. KS Pro may be at a slightly higher price compared to KS Rugged. With the convenient technology using Bluetooth, in my personal opinion, I prefer KS Pro than KS Rugged.

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