KidsWellness Review: Is This Good For Health?

KidsWellness Review: Is This Good For Health?

KidsWellness herbal formulas are unique preparations developed through 34 years of working with children’s special needs in a pediatric doctor’s medical practice. Eric N. Rydland, M.D., D.A.B.P., has formulated these herbal combinations specifically to meet the needs of children after years of listening to the parents of children he has treated.

The herbs are combined in exactly the proper ratios to have the greatest effect on the condition for which it is recommended. All herbs are completely natural, either organic or wildcrafted.


KidsWellness is trying to create the most effective and natural remedies, working in harmony with the body to facilitate the healing process.

They believe in a holistic approach to health and healing, incorporating whole foods, avoiding environmental toxins, and trusting the body’s innate ability to heal by supplementing with remedies derived from the plants God put on the Earth.

They are dedicated to the very finest innovative formulations for your family’s health and well-being.


Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Immune Formula

kidsWellness Pediatrician developed herbal combination designed to enhance the body‘s immune system. Useful for most infections, to prevent illness when exposed, when travelling and to help prepare a child‘s body for a vaccine. Always consult your physician on vaccine timing, preparation and possible side effects. Ask about mercury free vaccines at your doctor‘s office.

Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Family Daily Defense


  • Daily tonic to prevent illness
  • Vacation
  • Stress
  • Day Care
  • Frequent illness
  • Exposure to illness, such as flu, cold viruses, bacterial infections, etc.

Its New Great Taste will have your children asking for more!

These herbs have traditionally been used for their immune enhancing effects and to combat viruses and bacteria.

Dr. Rydland’s Adult & Childrens Ear Drops Formula

These herbs, mixed in olive oil, have been used very successfully at Dr. Rydland’s Wellness Center for thousands of earaches and ear infections.

These drops should never be used in ears if a child has a ruptured (perforated) ear drum (with or without ear drainage) or if he or she has surgically placed ear tubes.


“Great immune boost formula and great to combine with sinus allergy and respiratory cough formulas.” __Andrea Tidwell

“We have been using dr Rydland’s immune formula since our oldest was born, almost 23 years ago. It has kept all five of our family members healthy. Period! Nothing better.” __Kimberlee

“I love these drops! Ive been using these since my baby was a newborn. I really appreciate how they are made with organic and wildcrafted ingredients. I trust Dr. Rydlands products for my child. I will only use this brand or wishgarden but my baby likes the taste of these much better than wishgarden. Super fast shipping too.” __Gabriela Guzman

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