Checklist For Kitchen Remodeling Materials And Designs

Checklist For Kitchen Remodeling Materials And Designs

Is your kitchen looking old? Are you planning to remodel your kitchen because it looks older than your home’s style? Do you want a new style of your kitchen?

If the answer to these questions is yes then you have to know what products and materials you need to redesign. Christmas and near year are coming and you have not remodeled your kitchen.

If you want a renovated kitchen this new year then you should check the list of kitchen remodeling materials and the products that are required to remodel it.

Hence, we at QRG Direct you should know about all these remodeling products and materials.

  1. Cabinets

When you start thinking about remodeling your kitchen you surely think about the cabinet of your kitchen. Without a new cabinet, your kitchen can not look new.

There are different styles of cabinet which can give a new and different look after installing them.

For example, there is a Shaker-style cabinet which is very common these days and most people use it. This consists of 5 pieces of flat penal and a frame of four pieces.

Its doors and frames are made of high-quality wood and it gives a classic look to the kitchen. There are some other styles like Louvered horizontal kitchen cabinets that are also made of wood.

Further, their prominent quality is that they are more spacious than the others. Hence, it is up to your which style of cabinet you want. 

  1. Sinks

Kitchen renovation cannot be completed without the installation of sinks. There are multiple styles and different materials of the sinks which can give a modern look to your kitchen.

For example, Top Mount or Drop-in sink is also called a self-Rim sink. It is so because all of its weight lifts its Rim.  Further, its edges are in cutting style which also gives it a unique design.

Moving on, there is an Undermount Sink which is opposite the Top Mount. This sink is connected to its bottom type with some clips. This type of sink gives a premium appearance to your kitchen. 

  1. Different Countertops for Kitchen and Their Material

There are multiple Counter Tops in many materials and different colors. However, choosing a light and heat resistant countertop can be a thoughtful process.

Further, its color should also match the color scheme of the kitchen. In this context, Granite, Soapstone, Marble, and Quartz are very famous.

All these materials have pros and cons if we use them as the countertops of the kitchen. First, Granite is available in almost 3000 colors and it is heat resistant and gives a classical look to the kitchen.

Its cons are, it is expensive, and the cracks can occur if it is not installed properly. Likewise, Soapstone is also a good material to make Counter Tops of the kitchen.

It is stained-resistant and has a dark color which gives the kitchen a new look. On the other hand, it cannot be treated without mineral oil, and on its surface dents can create.

You can choose any of these materials for the remodeling of kitchen top counters according to your ease. 

  1. Flooring and Plumbing

While discussing kitchen renovation ideas, the next thing that comes to mind is the flooring and plumbing system of the kitchen. Both are equally important for a classical kitchen.

First, in flooring, there can be multiple options to opt for. In this context, a hardwood floor can be a good option. These floors are stylish, warm but not water-resistant.

However, these can be made water-resistant after some engineering. These floors are popular but some people do not select them because of no water resistance.

Further, the Laminate floors are also famous for kitchen flooring as they are not water-resistant but some experts are making these floors water-resistant.

In addition, the ceramic and tiles’ floor is also appreciable for the kitchen.  

Second, the plumbing system should remain in the position of dishwasher and sink. The person you will hire for plumbing renovation should measure rightly so that no mistake can happen. 

  1. Kitchen Appliances

There are a lot of appliances that can renovate your kitchen’s renovation.

For example, there can be multiple ovens like, wall ovens, freestanding ovens, toaster ovens, and steam ovens that are very famous. All these have different qualities and functions.

Moreover, refrigerators, water coolers, egg cutters, and there are many more that can altogether change your kitchen look.

All these appliances are necessary because they make our work easy and also adorn our kitchen. 


Kitchen remodeling is important for the overall look of your home and the grace of your kitchen as well. Several kitchen renovation ideas can be applied to redesign it.

You can change sinks, install cabinets, build a new floor, add modern appliances and construct heat-resistant countertops. All these things and important changes in your kitchen will make it new and read more about them do check out QRG Direct Blog.

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