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Lapbooks offer hands-on, creative approaches for researching and recording information, creating study tools, and summarizing or illustrating what a student has learned. In short lapbooks are a tool for organizing and presenting learning on a particular topic. These are especially useful with unit studies, but they will also work with other educational approaches.

About Knowledge Box Central

Knowledge Box Central is the premier lapbook producer thanks to Cyndi’s incredible insight and application of learning styles. KBC helps you with your child’s learning by utilizing breakthrough techniques, like color psychology, and well known practices that enhance interest and retention.

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What is a Lapbook? Glad you asked! It is a wonderful way for your student to document whatever topic he is studying. He will create small booklets along the way, and put them all together at the end of the study to create a keepsake called a Lapbook. Lapbooks are great ways to review, and children really enjoy displaying their work in this way. All of the planning is done for you ~ It really is easy! Just give it a try! It’s more than a craft it is an experience.

Below, you will find some pictures of several completed Lapbooks.

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About Cyndi Kinney

With passion writing. She began exploring and researching Color Psychology and using it to design Lapbooks for the students in her co-op. A history curriculum company, Tapestry of Grace, approached Cyndi about writing and creating Lapbooks for them, and soon Apologia followed.

The rest is history! Well… I guess Science, Grammar, Literature, and Math too! Cyndi did many more years of study, which led to her being granted a “life experience” PhD in Education for her work in that fascinating area of study. She uses this information to help people around the world to improve the creativity, behaviors, and learning experiences in their homes, workplaces, and classrooms. Eventually, Cyndi changed her method from homeschooling to unschooling, and she soon saw her daughter’s love for learning escalate!

Her daughter graduated high school at the age of 15 and college at 18. Cyndi’s best friend owns Knowledge Box Central, and Cyndi is honored to write for her as a hobby. She has authored over 400 books and has served as both domestic and international Key Note Speaker on homeschooling and unschooling topics.

Oustanding feature at Knowledge Box Central

They use Color Psychology and other proven practices in all of our Lapbooks, and this helps to improve information retention.

KBC helps you with your child’s learning by utilizing breakthrough techniques, like color psychology, and well known practices that enhance interest and retention. 

Knowledge Box Central Review from Customers

”The content of this copywork is great.It is spot on what I want to instill in my children. While the copywork is a bit wordy for my 6 year old we made it work just right for us. I read the verse to her and we discussed it. Then we went back over it and I chose a few words that I feel really bring the point home for her to copy.

This made it less daunting and more enjoyable for my less than eager writer. Turns out she really enjoyed it (using brand new glitter gel pens may have added to the enjoyment!). I think that this set of copywork is a great addition for anyone looking to add on a Bible or Character Trait Study. It is easy to adapt to your child and teaching. This will not be the last Character Trait Study we do from Knowledge Box Central that is certain! For my full review please visit my blog… Where He Leads We Follow ” ~~ Stephanie

”My children and I were able to study Classical Composer and Instruments. This Lapbook was fun for everyone! My 5 yr old was able to practice her cutting and pasting skills. My 7 yr loved the challenge to find the answers. He also loved searching for “Amazing Facts” that were not included in other booklets. Even my 2 yr old loved looking at and learning the pictures of the instruments. I loved it because it showed what we were learning and it was all in one spot. Ever feel overwhelmed when planning what and how much to teach on certain subjects? This was a great way to introduce the basics of an orchestra and the instruments. It also includes mini-books for the Classical Composers and new vocabulary that is learned when studying Music.” Amber C

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