Kudos Reviews: Awesome Exercise And Nutrition Program

Kudos Reviews: Awesome Exercise And Nutrition Program

About Kudos

Kudos offers exercise and nutrition training with an expert coach via SMS and video chat, when clients want, where clients want.
The coach starts by discussing goals, obtaining exercise preferences, and identifying opportunities for reasonable, sustained improvements to nutrition. He or she then crafts a super personalized exercise and nutrition plan and delivers it daily via SMS, video chat and our app. The app walks clients through workouts, and coaches are available 24/7 to answer questions and remove barriers to success.
Everyone who gives Kudos the old college try meets their goals. 85% end up subscribing at the end of the trial week, and the vast majority of them stick with Kudos (96% retention month to month). Everyone who does this sees results (for example, the average weight loss client loses 15 pounds in the first 2 months).
It’s not rocket science: If you exercise more, eat a bit better, and avoid injury, you will see results. Those things are very hard to do, however, and they work really hard and leverage technology to make it easy for clients.

Things you would love

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Ultra-Personalized Program
Hand-crafted for your preferences and goals – gain muscle, lose fat, build endurance, you name it

Accountability and Support
Daily checkins & unlimited on-demand support for lasting, improved nutrition and exercise

When and Where You Want
Workout at home, in gym, while traveling, wherever; incorporate your favorite fitness classes

Customer reviews

Lauren Justus Gafford

“Can’t say enough about what this platform has done for me. At first, I was really just interested in getting toned for my wedding, but it has become so much more than that. I have an incredibly hectic schedule and am traveling almost every day of the week, but I finally have a program created by a personal trainer specifically FOR me, that works WITH me, that I can actually afford �. 7 months in and I’m stronger and faster than I have been. I’m hooked. Whatever your fitness goal is, I highly encourage you to give this a shot!”

Giancarlo – Insurance Executive, Atlanta, GA


“I lost 70 pounds of fat (265 to 195) and am keeping it off with Kudos! I’m now adding muscle and getting stronger! My coach makes it fun and straightforward to stick to an awesome exercise and nutrition program that really works.”

Lauren – Musician, Nashville, TN

“Nothing worked for me. But Kudos fits into my life and has helped me do things I never thought I could. On my wedding day, I never felt so strong and confident!”

Vidhan – Product Manager, San Francisco, CA

“I joined Kudos to get dramatically more fit. Over the past few months I have built a lot of muscle while going from being barely able to complete half a mile to completing a half MARATHON at an 10 minute pace. I feel great!”

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