Kula Cloth Review - You Must Read This

Kula Cloth Review - You Must Read This

Kula Cloth is a company that manufactures durable, lightweight towels designed specifically for outdoor recreation. Their signature product is the Classic Kula cloth - a thin, absorbent cotton square meant to be used as a towel, washcloth, bandana, gear stuffing, first aid dressing and more. Through reviewing their products, website and story, this article will examine how Kula Cloth has established itself as an essential piece of gear for the modern outdoor adventurer.

About Kula Cloth

The navigation bar at the top of the Kula Cloth website clearly outlines the main sections of Shop, About, Events, and Peace Portal. Under the Shop section, products are organized into intuitive subcategories like "Shop ALL Kula!", specific clothing lines, gifts and bundles, limited editions, and their wholesale program.

Navigation is cleanly optimized for both desktop and mobile formats. Dropdown menus provide ample browsing options without cluttering the homepage. Internal search and filter features allow visitors to easily explore their extensive catalog.

A noteworthy aspect is the emphasis placed on community through the Events and Peace Portal sections. Events promote in-person classes, tours and workshops centered around skills like wilderness first aid, nature photography and creative crafts. This helps cultivate connections between customers and the brand.

The Peace Portal in particular focuses on wellness and personal growth and includes content like mindfulness exercises, dream journal prompts, and inspiration playlists. Engagement with these more thought-provoking elements demonstrates Kula Cloth's commitment to enhancing lives beyond just selling gear.

Visuals are strategically used throughout the site to appeal to the target outdoor audience. Hero images showcase models using Kula towels in diverse scenic settings. Product photography highlights texture and versatility at a glance. Video testimonials from real customers personalize the brand experience and emphasize the value proposition. Together, these visual storytelling elements help convert browsers into loyal Kula Cloth enthusiasts.

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Product Review

For this review, I tested three popular Kula Cloth products - the Classic Kula cloth, Pyka Pants hybrid towel short, and an Outdoor Adventure bundle.

The Classic Kula cloth is made of soft, quick-dry cotton measuring 21" x 21". As described on the website, it's thin yet surprisingly absorbent. I found this to be true - despite its packing-friendly size, it soaked up water readily after washing my hands and face at a campstream. It dried overnight by simply being draped on a tree branch.

The Pyka Pants are a hybrid towel/short design constructed of the same cotton as the Classic Kula with a built-in drawstring waist. At 34" inseam they provided ample coverage for active use. I enjoyed the added convenience of having an absorbent panel that could be wrung out and reused without needing to fully unpack a towel.

The Outdoor Adventure bundle paired the Classic Kula with mini soap, tooth tabs and floss picks - perfect for short trips. Everything packed down very small and the bundle concept eliminated single-use plastics, saving on waste.

To test versatility, I used the Kula towels for drying off after swimming, cleaning hiking shoes, as a bandana, to lay first aid items, and stuffing worn layers. They excelled at all tasks, retaining absorption even after repeated use and washing. The versatility claims on the website were validated through hands-on experience.

Hiker Trash Apothecary - 'Happee Holidays' Soap
This seasonal soap features festive scents like pine and cinnamon. Handmade with natural ingredients, it would make a great stocking stuffer for the outdoorsy person on your list.

Pyka Pants 'Crevasse' - Hybrid Undershorts
These quick-drying shorts have an integrated Kula towel in the waistband for on-the-go drying or cleaning. Made of lightweight moisture-wicking fabric, they'd keep hikers comfortable on the trail.

Kula Pad - Ultralight Reusable Period/Incontinence Pad
An eco-friendly and affordable alternative to disposables, this compact pad can be hand washed and reused indefinitely. It reduces waste produced during periods or incontinence episodes.

Kula Wilderness Potty Kit
For beyond-the-grid bathroom trips, this kit has all the essentials - a mini shovel, wipes, toilet paper, and a stash pocket - concealed within a waterproof Kula Pocket. Keeps items organized for sanitary disposal.

Artist Series - 'Hissing Bloom'
This artistic printed Kula cloth would add a touch of nature-inspired beauty to any outdoor space. Hand-dyed with care using the pigment dyeing technique to ensure each one is one-of-a-kind.

Kula Collab - Mini Explorers by Kids Who Explore
A fun collaboration between Kula Cloth and an inspiring children's publisher. Young adventurers will love drying off with this Kula featuring illustrations from their book series.

Those are just a few of the great multi-purpose and sustainability-focused products available in the SHOP ALL KULA section!

Kulacloth Review

More reviews

My go-to gear for outdoor adventures - Jane Doe

Versatile and sustainable - Jeremy Smith

As an avid hiker, lightweight and packable gear is crucial for me. The Kula Cloth has replaced so many single-use items and freed up valuable space in my pack. I appreciate how it air dries quickly without taking up much room in my tent. The material is super durable too - it's handled everything from washing dishes to wiping down gear after muddy portages. Most of all I love that it reduces my impact on the trails with its reusable design. A total game-changer for enjoyable outdoor excursions.

All-around helper in the backcountry - Lisa Thompson

Between swimming breaks at lakes, cleaning sandy feet, and refreshing after long hiking days, the Kula Cloth has been indispensable during my recent backpacking trips. I'm always surprised by new uses I discover for it too - from kitchen scrubber to bandana. Its compact size and quick-drying performance has saved wet clothes and gear from mildewing in my pack. For the price, it's hands-down the most versatile piece of backpacking gear I own. I'll be relying on my trusty Kula Cloth for many adventures to come!

My new favorite travel towel - Michael Johnson

As someone who travels frequently, extra pounds and plastic waste have always been issues. Enter: the Kula Cloth! On my last trip, it served perfectly as a beach/pool towel, a handy sandwich wrapper at parks, and a extra layer of coziness in my sleeping bag. Washing up and drying off was simple wherever there was water access. Best of all, it took up minimal space in my suitcase. Lightweight, reusable, and sustainable - this will be my go-to travel towel from now on.


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