25% Off Kyberlight Coupon Code & Reviews|Updated 2019

25% Off Kyberlight Coupon Code & Reviews|Updated 2019

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1. About Kyberlight

Welcome to Kyberlight!

Home of the greatest custom LED sabers in the galaxy. As longtime Star Wars obsessed fans with engineering backgrounds Kyberlight set out to engineer the very best combat ready custom saber.

As they looked around the world of custom sabers they felt there was a huge opportunity for someone to really do it right. To not only create a high-quality custom saber that’s durable and built to last, but also to make it affordable and quickly available for fans of all ages anywhere in the world. And that’s exactly what Kyberlight did when they created Hyperlight.

The Lightsaber

Here we go! get into the lightsaber itself. The hilt of the lightsaber is quite heavy and a little bit longer than you will expect, giving it an authentic feel that makes it seem like a real-life lightsaber. When we made a try by combining using different pieces to customize the saber, and they’ve all turned out looking awesome!

Lighting and Colors

You would be amazed by the top-notch color and brightness quality of the saber. In addition, You can switch between Jedi and Sith at will with 20 different LED colors. Although, it does look like some colors stand out more than others, namely the primary colors: Red, Blue, and Green.

There are some colors that are a bit lacking in terms of LED brightness and intensity compared to the main colors. Also, it seems like the brightness of the LED fades off a little bit as the light gets father way from the hilt, which kind of normal for any lightsaber. If you light it up in the dark, it’s going to be a real fire!!

There are some colors that are a bit lacking in terms of LED brightness and intensity when compared to the primary colors. It also seems like the brightness of the LED fades off a bit as the light gets farther away from the hilt, which I’m pretty sure is normal for any lightsaber. If you light it up in the dark, it looks absolutely amazing.

Sound Effects

Without sound effects, it’s not vivid and will not have a proper lightsaber. The soundboard of the Kyberlight lightsaber comes equipped with 2 basic sound fonts. In my opinion, the first one is quite loud, but the second one is awesome with a bit lower sounding.

When you wave the lightsaber, there’s motion activated the sound effect. The most interesting thing that I love about Kyberlight is the sound effect with flash-on-clash lighting effects when you hit someone else’s lightsaber. I bet you would love it so much.

Visit Website: kyberlight.com

2. Outstanding features at Kyberlight

  • Lifetime warranty
  • 20 colors
  • Sound Fx
  • Flash-on-clash
  • On-demand mute
  • Customizable
  • Best Price Guarantee

3. How to use active Kyberlight promo code at Bestproduct lists

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4. People Also ask

How do I customize my Kyberlight saber?

Will Kyberlight offer new custom accessories and options (ie replica sabers, special requests, etc.)?

We plan to continue to introduce new accessories and features on a regular basis to further add to the limitless customization possibilities. These additions could definitely include cool custom accessory ideas from our followers. Submit ideas to info@kyberlight.com

What is the Kyberlight Warranty?

All Kyberlight Blades and tips come with a lifetime warranty. If for any reason you break the blade send it back to us and we will replace it plus shipping. The hilt and electronics come with a 1-year warranty. If your Kyberlight hilt or electronics are damaged or broken within 1-year after purchase, due to normal use including combat, we will replace or repair it for free.

We do not cover water damage or intentional abuse. So Attempting to repair the Kyberlight yourself will void the warranty. Please go to Kyberlight.com to request a return. Returns and Exchanges Process In order to submit a warranty claim and return the product for a replacement, follow the below steps: 1) Need to send Kyberlight proof in photo or video (send to info@kyberlight.com). 2) Kyberlight will review the request and respond as soon as possible. 3) If approved, the customer is responsible to pay to ship it back to Kyberlight. 4) Once Kyberlight receives the damaged unit, a replacement will be shipped.

How do the custom accessories attach to the Kyberlight custom lightsaber?

The customization options with every Kyberlight custom lightsaber are nearly endless. Attaching each custom accessory piece (top, middle sleeve, and bottom) is quick and easy. – The top pieces slide on and are secured with a set screw. – The middle sleeve pieces slide on over the switches and are secured with two set screws at the bottom of the sleeve. – The bottom (or pommel) pieces are threaded so they easily screw on and off the base of the Kyberlight hilt.

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