Kyberlight Lightsaber Review

Kyberlight  Lightsaber Review

Kyberlight is a well-known American company offering lightsabers. Like other brands of its kind, they provide a standard set including a blade, a LED, a speaker and soundboard. However, their hilts and the LED colour are customizable. I’ll review their products to see whether they live up to the brand’s claims.

Arrival/first impressions

When the boxes arrived, I was pretty impressed – they were slick and well designed, with the Kyberlight logo on top.

All the parts were packaged securely and no obvious scratches or dings were on anything.

The extras – light up shirt and fighting gloves – were a neat addition. And as always they didn’t put “lightsaber” on the shipping label.

The first thing I noticed about the handle was that it was big. Really big. I mean, compared to the other lightsabers I own it was several inches longer, bigger around, and significantly heavier. More on this later. I lit it up and tried out the colours and sounds.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to play with it long as it almost immediately exhibited electrical malfunctions. When it comes to manufacturer’s defects with any product, including swords and lightsabers, they are bound to happen – what matters most is how the company responds. Kyberlight had a replacement hilt ready to go and in the mail the next day, and it arrived promptly in time for the review to continue. Full marks for customer service on that one!



The indestructible blade is as advertised. I did my best, friends and neighbours, I really did – I smacked this thing against a bokken, 2×4’s, metal shelving, concrete, everything short of an actual sharp katana, and while there were some scratches it didn’t break or bend. Pretty impressive!


The LED, advertised as the brightest on the market, was pretty bright – at least the primary colours were. The blue, the red, the green, all stood out as very bright. DO NOT look into the LED on this one! Some of the mixed colours – teal, rose, pink, purple, yellow – were a little faded in comparison. As advertised switching, the colours were very easy and made it quite simple to achieve different looks to match the changed handle.


Once I received a handle that worked properly, there were no issues with electronics at all. The sounds were loud and the inclusion of flash-on-clash – a feature that you have to pay for elsewhere – was really great.


The Kyberlight lightsaber came with three extras:

Light up T-shirt
Fighting gloves


Kyberlight ran a great Kickstarter and managed to inspire a huge number of people to support them. They get top marks for their fantastic customer service and support, and they came out with an interesting product. We highly recommend you check out their Kyberlight website for their amazing products!


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