[Latest] 20 Interesting Things You Should Know About Thanksgiving Day!

[Latest] 20 Interesting Things You Should Know About Thanksgiving Day!

1. What is Thanksgiving Day?

As you know, Thanksgiving Day is one of the special holidays, which takes place mainly in the US and Canada.

Turkey is indispensable on Thanksgiving Day

Turkey is indispensable on Thanksgiving Day

This is the day to celebrate the harvest and to give thanks to God for his full and peaceful life. This is also an official public holiday, for all statutory workers in the US and Canada. This day is also likened to the death of the turkeys. Because turkey is indispensable food for Thanksgiving Day.

2. Origin of Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving has been an annual holiday in the US since 1863. The first Thanksgiving Day is supposed to take place in 1623 to thank the rain for ending the drought. George Washington, the first president of the United States, declared Thanksgiving a public holiday in 1789.

Thanksgiving Day sale 2019

Thanksgiving Day sale 2019

This special day has become a traditional day for family and friends to get together for a special meal. This special meal usually includes turkey, potatoes, blueberry sauce, pumpkin pie, greens. Thanksgiving Day is a holiday for many people to give thanks for what they have. This is also a time for traveling trips or visiting family and friends.

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3. When is Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving Day 2019 brings great deals, sales on various products

Thanksgiving Day 2019 brings great deals, sales on various products

Thanksgiving Day has no set date. Thanksgiving Day will take place on the fifth day of the 4th week of November. Specifically, the Thanksgiving Day 2019 in the US will take place on November 28, 2019.

4. 20 interesting things about Thanksgiving you need to know

1.The Pilgrim people in Plymouth were the first people to celebrate Thanksgiving.
2. The world’s first Thanksgiving is extended to 3 days.
3. Thanksgiving Day has officially become a national holiday since 1941.
4. Pilgrims do not use forks, they eat with spoon, knife, and fingers.
5. Although Thanksgiving is considered an American holiday, it is also celebrated in Canada on the second Monday in October.

6. In the US, about 280 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving.
7. Fossil evidence suggests that turkeys appeared in the Americas 10 million years ago.
8. Columbus thought that the land he explored was connected to India, where has many peacocks. And he believes that turkey is a peacock bird (actually turkey belongs to a type of pheasant). So he named them “tuka”, meaning “peacock” in the Tamil language of the Indians.
9. Turkey was one of the first domesticated animals in the Americas.
10. 91% of Americans eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

Throughout the five continents, there is a distinct feature in the culture of Thanksgiving

Throughout the five continents, there is a distinct feature in the culture of Thanksgiving

11. More than 40 million sets of mung bean stew are served on Thanksgiving.
12. Turkey’s collarbone fork is used during a lucky Thanksgiving ceremony.
13. A panicked turkey can run at up to 20 miles per hour.
14. According to the American Car Association, an estimated 42.2 million people in the US must drive at least 50 miles to reach their destination during Thanksgiving each year.
15. According to the survey, each Thanksgiving meal costs an average of about 50 USD for a family of about 10 people, equivalent to 5 USD / person. Therefore, Thanksgiving often has a lot of leftovers because of the large amount of food being cooked.

16. Minnesota is considered the leading turkey-producing state in the United States.
17. About 20% of cranberries are consumed in the US each year on Thanksgiving.
18. From the time of President Harry Truman, every president would pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving Day.
19. In the United States, there are three places named after Thanksgiving: Turkey, Texas; Turkey Creek, La; and Turkey, N.C. There are also 9 American towns named “Turkey”, with three cities in Kansas.
20. Thanksgiving customs are celebrated across five continents, depending on the customs and perceptions of each country.

5. Best stores you should visit on Thanksgiving Day 2019

Thanksgiving Day 2019 is fast approaching. More and more store has released great Thanksgiving Day ad, deals, & sales on various products. On Thanksgiving Day 2019, you can buy a wide range of products at the deepest discounts, including, laptops, phone, airpods, air fryer, shoes, clothing, home decor, furniture, etc. Here are some best stores you visit on Thanksgiving Day 2019 to save a lot of money.

Air Canada Thanksgiving Day sales 2019

Air Canada is one of the best places you should visit to save money on Thanksgiving Day 2019. Air Canada is Canada’s largest domestic and international airline serving more than 210 airports on six continents.

Founded in 1937, Air Canada’s flag carrier is among the 20 largest airlines in the world and serves more than 50 million customers each year. Air Canada is having a massive Thanksgiving Worldwide Seat Sale. Many of the airline’s Thanksgiving Day flight deals will most likely be available on or around Thursday, November 28th this year. You can get cheap flights this season. Besides, Black Friday sale 2019, day after Thanksgiving Day, there are great destinations and flight deals, coupon codes, promo codes for Black Friday.

Amazon Thanksgiving Day sale 2019

As a part of Thanksgiving Day, Amazon offers the Deal of the Day and Lightning Deals. Amazon has deeply discounted on various products for the day. Best Amazon Thanksgiving Day deals, sales on laptops, phones, shoes, clothing, electronics, home decor, etc are available everywhere in the world.

Amazon said it had sold “millions” of products from Thanksgiving until Black Friday. Amazon announced the sales figures as a percentage instead of the amount.

Aldo Thanksgiving sale 2019

Whether you need new sneakers for your favorite jeans or casual shoes for all-day wear, the ALDO Thanksgiving Day sale 2019 or Black Friday sale shoes will provide great offers, promo codes, deepest discounts to save a lot of money. The deal will be offered in-store and online on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday 2019.

On Aldo Thanksgiving Day sales 2019, you can get beautiful shoes from top brands at the lowest price. There are various products available for men, women, and kids. Aldo is one of those stores that runs the same exact Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday sale year after year.

Apple thanksgiving sale 2019

Apple’s Thanksgiving Day promotion is now ready and better than ever. Big deals are coming today for the new AirPods Pro and 16-inch MacBook Pro. There are also updated offers for iPad, iMac, Apple Watch headphones and Beats.

So if you want to save money on electronics at the Apple store, it’s better to shop on Thanksgiving Day sale 2019. Besides, to add more saving, Apple Black Friday 2019 deals is also the best chance for shopping at the deepest coupons.

Besides, there are some perfect stores for Thanksgiving Day, including, Ashley Thanksgiving sale, ASOS Thanksgiving sale, Atwoods Thanksgiving day sale, Banana Republic Thanksgiving sale, Barneys Thanksgiving sale, Bass Pro Shop Thanksgiving sale, Bath and Body Works Thanksgiving sale, and more.

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