[Leather Products] Rustico Review

[Leather Products] Rustico Review

Rustico is known as a company specializing in offering genuine leather products based in Utah. Their outstanding products include hand-sewn leather journals and notebooks, keepsake and refillable journal options, everyday journal line, hospitality items and much more.

Established in 2001, in almost two decade, Rustico always maintain their handmade philosophy. All products sold at Rustico are famous for being not only still handmade but also 100% American-made.

Over the past years, thanks to the craftsmanship and dedication, the team of Rustico makes it one of the loving choice of many customers for leather products.

Rustico Review leather products

What special about Rustico’s products?

Each of Rustico’s products is born to push your creativity. They come with great features that make you impossible to refuse.

Leather. Raw on purpose.

That selecting the best quality leather is always the priority of Rustico. The top-grain leather from American cowhides is the first and favorite choice of them.

Additionally, in order to turn Rustico into the indispensable friend collecting your adventures and your impressions each journey, all products are made raw enough. And don’t skip the stiff leather if you get a Rustico’s product.

Paper. Handsewn.

With #70 text, felt finish, FSC certified, acid-free/archival, min. 30% post-consumer content. Rustico know your love for what you save on the note. Therefore, each of Rustico journal or notebook was born to make you sense your words lasting lifetimes and your experiences becoming a part of who you are.

Thread. Irish-waxed linen.

Although using Irish linen is currently as popular as in the past, Rustico still wants to continue to use it to bring you quality journals regardless of being much more complicated. They aim to help you keep all your ideas in one place with pages that won’t fall out, no matter where you take them.

Made not produced

The team of Rustico takes pride in their craftsmanship. They consider it as a treasured cornerstone and want to develop it as family heirlooms year by year. The products of Rustico are handmade tactfully at home, so it helps ensure their products utmost durability and functionality.

American Craftsmanship

America is where the artisan touch matters most. Each of artisans wholeheartedly spend their time carefully piecing together your new Rustico item. No step of making process is neglected. When owning a Rustico product, you are buying the highest quality products made with the toughest materials out there.

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