LED Strip Lights - A Short Guide To LED Strip Lighting

LED Strip Lights - A Short Guide To LED Strip Lighting

Led strip lights

Due to their infinite features and advantages, LEDs are gradually replacing the traditional fluorescent lighting system. The Strip LED lights are very economical, cost-effective, low power consumers, have excellent longevity, and possess lots of other features. Such strip lighting is very effective for home use as well as for commercial uses. These are very easy to install and add to the beauty of your house or the business place.


Before deciding to purchase the Strip LED lights, few things are crucial to know. Here is a short guide with all the essential aspects of the LED Strip Lights. Check it here: https://www.lepro.com/led-strip-lights.


Features of LED Strip Lights


These are some of the major features of these versatile lights.


  • These are great power savers and operate at very low DC power.
  • These consist of many LED emitters which increase their brightness.
  • Striped LED lights come in a variety of colors.
  • These can be adjusted to a dimmer.
  • Such lights are shipped in long strips and can be cut into small pieces according to the requirement. 


How to Determine the LED Strips Brightness?


The brightness of LED strip lights is measured in lumens and comes in different levels of efficiency. A standard strip should offer at least 450 lumens per foot or 1500 lumens per meter. Their brightness can be judged by three factors:


  • Light efficiency.
  • The number of LEDs per foot or meter.
  • The power consumption of the strips per foot.


LED Strip Color Variations


Such LED lights are available in plenty of colors, and the combination of multiple colors adds to the beauty of your house or shop. However, the most frequently used and universal LED strip light color is white. That is why these lights are available in various shades of white color. The color temperature determines how ‘cool’ or ‘warm’ the LED is.


There is a further division of LEDs regarding the color choice i.e ‘Fixed’ and ‘Variable’. The fixed LEDs come in a single color like blue, white, green, amber, violet, red, and so on. While the variable lights are capable of changing the color alternatively.


How to Install the LED Strip Lights?


Here is a short guide for installing the LED strip lights.


  • Measure the area where you have to install the LED strip lights and cut the strips accordingly.
  • Use an adhesive material for proper fixation, though LEDs come with an adhesive surface yet apply more for proper fixation.
  • Take off the paper wrapper attached behind the strip and fix it on the adhesive surface.
  • After fixing all the strips, interconnect them, and connect them with the power supply from any single end.
  • Connect the wires according to the local standards of the electricity.


LED Dimmer Control Feature


The dimmable feature is great insertion in the LEDs as such lights can operate at the low power voltage too. The LED strips can be connected to a dimmer control device, there are two methods of using this feature for LEDs i.e ‘Traditional Phase Cut Wall Dimmer’ and DC Low Voltage Dimmer’.


The traditional phase wall cut dimmer or AC phase cut dimmer is the ideal choice for homes as well as shops where the dimming input signal comes from a traditional wall switch dimmer. Always choose such a dimmer for a permanent purpose.


The DC low voltage dimmer, on the other hand, is a form of manual or digital dimmer module that is used in between the DC power supply and the LED strip. It is the best option for the temporary setups.


Final Thoughts


The LEDs are a great substitute for the traditional source of lighting and the credit goes to their plenty of lovely features. The LED strip lights are a versatile source of lighting as well as these are the best to be used as a decoration piece at home or shops. However, keep in the mind the above-mentioned features of these LED lights before finalizing the product for you, and visit BESTRODUCTLISTS.com to explore the more daily life hacks.


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