Likes On Instagram: How They Can Boost Your Business

Likes On Instagram: How They Can Boost Your Business

The likes on Instagram, or the famous double tap or hearts, as you prefer to call it, have been the engine and the reason for a large number of users to publish excellent content on this social network, and for many to become influencers. This is one of the social networks that has had sustained growth for a few years but, especially in 2020, it has become the social platform with the most commitment due to having approximately one billion users connected per month, according to statistics from the same Zuckerberg company.

It’s more than a social network

We know how Instagram works, and it is more than a social network, it has become an essential tool for brands that want to gain notoriety among their audience and have a good online presence. Its enormous number of active users and the fact that it is the favorite of Generation Z have inspired companies and entrepreneurs to generate quality content. To do this, they use content marketing strategies that ensure they give audiences useful information to win their hearts.

In fact, the publications are no longer seen in the chronological order in which they were seen before the algorithm change, but those posts that obtain more interaction in less time are considered to be more engaged and, therefore, will win first place in feed. Participation rates increase if your Instagram accounts get more "hearts", so these little hearts are actually very helpful for your internet business goals.

What are likes on Instagram?

The likes on Instagram are the new "likes" of Facebook. In a way, they are more attractive, especially for the youngest, because they are presented with a heart-shaped icon under each post and because they have the possibility of “double-tapping” the image so that the like appears automatically. After Facebook, this is the second social network in which more photos and videos are shared in the world. The equation is simple, more likes = more credibility for your brand, even if there are accounts that are dedicated to buying real Instagram likes. The truth is that users, seeing that many others have given "likes" to your publications, somehow, understand that you are an account committed to the audience in favor of publishing quality photos, perhaps accompanied by useful information.

That is why many brands go out of their way for likes and invest in advertising here to get them (as well as more followers). Regarding this, eMarketer has carried out a study in which it estimates that the advertising revenue of this social network will increase to an amount of 10.87 billion dollars for this year. This increase is exactly 37.7% since 2017. Most of the users on this social platform are between 18 and 29 years old according to the aforementioned eMarketer study. This huge community should not be wasted, as factors such as the algorithm give enough importance to likes on Instagram to say that they go beyond being just hearts

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