List Of Top 10 Best Masternode Coins

List Of Top 10 Best Masternode Coins

Making money in the world of cryptocurrency isn’t limited to mining and trading. If you have heard about masternode coins, you know what we are talking about. 

If you haven’t heard about them, you might need some clarification.

What Are Masternode Coins?

In every cryptocurrency project, participants need to download and store the crypto blockchain on their computers. Computers that have such blockchain copies are called nodes. Not all nodes are the same though. There are devices whose capabilities are much higher than those of ordinary computers. Such devices are called masternodes. 

The main task of such a device is to reject those blocks that don’t comply with the blockchain requirements. 

The more powerful computers increase the blockchain security level. So, to launch an attack on a blockchain, a hacker would need to have several such devices. It is pretty expensive. Also, such a hacker would need to persuade other network maintaining devices that his activities are not fraudulent. It is almost impossible.

Masternodes earn dividends for running the network. These dividends are earnings in cryptocurrency that can be used by masternode owners just in a way like they use money.

Mining Is Different from Running a Masternode

Mining and masternodes might be confused but these are different aspects of cryptocurrency. Mining is earning crypto by solving cryptographic puzzles. Masternodes owners earn their dividends by ensuring the safety and decentralization of the network. They are much more ecologically friendly and can run on both PoW and PoS algorithms.

What will you look for in Masternode Coin?

Ensure that the coin price is going up before you choose a masternode coin to invest in. Moreover, your coin is traded on paying platforms suitablely. It will be better when the coin is more and more popular. All these factors will affect the ROI of your masternode.

The Best Masternode Coins 

To invest in such a device of some network, you need to understand what it brings you in terms of rewards. So, in the DASH network, those who have invested in powerful devices when the coin was just launched and cost just 1 USD, have got a significant income by now, when 1 DASH equals more than 100 USD. To run such a device, you need to invest at least 100 DASH coins. Earlier, it was just around 1,000 USD, and now, running it would require from you more than 100,000 USD which is hardly affordable to ordinary people.

So, we have chosen the list of the masternode list of the best coins to help you with your choice.


It is the first coin to implement masternodes in its network. It is one of the most popular masternode coins.


It is a Dash fork that combines the features of Bitcoin and Dash.


Chaincoin supports 11 hashing algorithms. Masternodes in this network ensure its anonymity.


It is a decentralized economic system making it possible for its users to benefit from it.


It is a decentralized cryptocurrency based on zero-knowledge proof.


It is a project that combines financial and blockchain services in a single center to simplify transactions and store data. Before you start checking Stellar Lumens prediction price, check this coin.


The project aims at making all transactions as confidential as possible.


It is a blockchain-based platform with a focus at the creation of an infrastructure that allows attracting different types of businesses to the blockchain.


It is the first project that utilizes Trustless proof-of-stake contracts. 


The project utilizes the Proof-of-Stake algorithm and divides the dividends between a masternode and the operator.

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