Locked In Lust - The Chastity Device Is Designed To Be Superior To Other Models

Locked In Lust - The Chastity Device Is Designed To Be Superior To Other Models

If you're having a hard time finding the right chastity devices, don't miss this review - we'll help you out.

 BestProductLists will provide you with the most information and overview about a company that provides the best and most reputable chastity devices: Locked in Lust will bring you a unique experience, comfort and security beyond superior to other machines.

1. About Locked in Lust

Virginity is considered a symbol of sexual purity - here is the purity of morals, thoughts, words and actions. Chastity will bring two lovers closer together than they thought.

Finding a cage or a chastity device that is comfortable and secure is quite difficult because today there are many manufacturers with "sweet honey" ads.

Based on the trial experience we give you recommendations of Locked in Lust products. Locked in Lust was founded in 2014 by Austin. After many uses of bad virginity devices, he was inspired to create this company. Each product has its own unique points, but most of them have no security and are easily lost. To overcome the existing weaknesses of products on the market, Austin has experimented with many styles, materials, textures, overalls... to create the most secure and comfortable product.

After 2 years of research, the company has had certain successes. They have created love products that are loved by many couples because of its superiority

The Vice- Male chastity made right

2. Why Should You Choose Locked in Lust? 

If you are looking for the best male chastity device then Locked in Lust has all the requirements you need. They provide you with a wide choice of equipment and always innovate in products to better meet the needs of customers.

Here are a few reasons to choose Locked in Lust: 

  • Bringing comfort, helping customers wear 24/7 without being uncomfortable

  • The Vice™ has changed male chastity forever

  • Made from medical grade polycarbonate

  • Lightweight and comfortable design

  • Patented anti-pullout makes escape obsolete

  • Lightweight and comfortable design

  • Voted best male chastity device by customers

  • Optional pullout cap to wear device without anti-pullout

  • Incredible durability

  • High-quality

  • Affordable

  • Safe to use

  • Good customer service

3. Locked in Lust Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Reviews of Locked in Lust products show customer experiences, although the majority have been positive. Most of the reviews present the advantages and disadvantages of the company's products and customer service. Here are some typical comments: 

Jasmine on The Vice

 "I bought the vice mini and it was nice but didn’t fit 100% right. I bought extra parts, smaller spacer, smaller gap in the anti pullout and bigger ring and now it’s close to perfect. I hope they add more additions to it. Maybe and even smaller cage both in length and diameter and even smaller pullout gaps. I like this chastity design a lot and hope to get more from it. " Nicholas on The Vice

" Like To Be Caged

I like the way I looks and feels on myself. I’m down to the medium size ring and spacer. There are times I have to re-adjust myself because my sack tries to retract back up into my scrotum and It gets uncomfortable. As long as I sit with my legs spaced out enough it feels fine since I’m not squeezing my sack. I enjoy being caged all day until I shower. " 

Deth on The Vice

“ Good Early Device

Tried this device for the more open design for cleaning.

So far it's been pretty comfortable for daytime wear, can't guarantee the nocturnal problem of other devices won't be around the same though.

Did have an issue with a sheered locking pin but a new set was sent out free of charge very quickly and no other issue since. “ 

4. Locked in Lust FAQs

  1. What Makes The Vice™ Inescapable?

The Vice™’s security lies in the anti-pullout device. The inner tabs of the anti-pullouts have a textured design that causes the skin to mold to it. The longer the device is worn, the more the skin molds to the design, making the device more secure. After 2 days of constant wear, the device becomes inesecapable. You can read more about this technology and how it works on the Product Overview Page.

  1. Does The Vice™ cage ever split?

Yes, but it’s extremely uncommon. Unlike other cage halves which are thin and held together by flimsy glue, The Vice™’s cage walls are thicker and sonically welded together. Their manufacturer even developed a unique welding technique to further increase the durability of the cage. It’s nearly impossible that the cage would break with normal use.

  1.  What is the refund policy?

There are no refunds/returns after a shipping container has been opened. And there is a partial refund if an order has been shipped, and returned to them unopened. If you wish to cancel your order, please let them know immediately on their Contact Us Page. Please visit the Refund Policy page for more information.

5. Locked in Lust Contact

If you have any questions, please fill out the boxes at " Contact Us",  They are able to respond to most requests within 24 hours.

Mailing Address:


2038 Shepherd Rd. #219



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