Loralie Designs Reviews: Creative And Bright

Loralie Designs Reviews: Creative And Bright

About Loralie Designs

Loralie Designs provides colorful, friendly characters that are designed to bring on a smile and stir joy in the heart! Based in California, Loralie learned to sew from her creative mother and grandmother. In high school she started to sew for profit, making formal gowns for her friends and in college she studied costume design. After college, she opened a tiny boutique which eventually grew into an award winning wholesale apparel company producing Loralie’s gowns for the special occasion industry. Since their inception as a doodle on a a hotel note pad, Loralie’s fun, quirky characters have grown into a happy community spreading cheer in embroidery and fabrics around the world.
Loralie has been a featured guest on America Sews with Sue Hausmann, Behind the Seams, and the PFAFF Webcast. She has been a contributing writer for Designs in Machine Embroidery Magazine. Her fabrics and embroidery are sold around the world being especially popular in Japan and Scandinavia.

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Customer reviews

Published by Susan Pretorius

Totally in love with each and every design – although there is no way I can afford those I haven’t bought yet. They stitched out perfectly and the customer service is brilliant!

Published by Marcia Dumas

Love her fanciful designs that make everyone smile! So glad I was able to meet her in person. She is a very talented artist and so pleasant to chat with.

Published by Desiree Floyd Crutchfield

I purchased a machine embroidery design with two ladies in the car! I was thinking $11.00 was a lot for one design (most I ever paid for one design)….but it was worth every penny. The detail was amazing, it stitched out beautifully! I will purchase more designs.

Published by RodAlleta Baltes

Beautiful, creative & bright, detailed, vivid designs. I love making quilts, aprons, pillowcases, casserole dishes, bookmarks & wall hangings with Loralie fabric lines. They make me feel cheerful just looking at them! Love the fabrics at Loralie Antique mall in Florence CO. Seek out this line in fabric stores from AZ, TX to Wyoming! Love, love this fabric!

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