LPG Is The Ultimate Choice For Cooking

LPG Is The Ultimate Choice For Cooking




Cooking gas which is commonly known as LPG comes from drilling oil and gas wells. It is a blend of light hydrocarbon compounds. It mainly consists of butane or propane or a mixture of both. Lpg is produced during the natural gas refining process. Liquid petroleum gases were discovered in 1912 when Dr. Walter Snelling, an American scientist, realized that these gases could be changed into liquids and stored under moderate pressure. The first LPG cook stove was made in 1912, and the first LPG -fueled car was developed in 1913. The LPG industry began sometime shortly before World War I. At that time, a problem in the natural gas distribution process popped up. Gradually facilities were built to cool and compress natural gas, and to separate the gases that could be turned into liquids (including propane and butane). LPG was sold commercially by 1920.


LPG or liquefied petroleum gas is one of the most versatile fuels. LPG is a mixture of butane and propane. LPG is a clean and environmentally friendly fuel which makes it perfect for cooking. LPG is quite economical and therefore preferred for domestic uses. It takes less time to heat because of its high calorific value when compared to other fuels.


It is not very far back in the past when we used to stand in long queues for booking a cooking gas refill. Then wait for it for days as the delivery time was a huge variable. It wasn't uncommon for people to visit the vendor twice or even thrice for inquiries about their cooking gas delivery. The mode of payment was another mess needed to carry the exact balance during the delivery, or there used to be another issue over it. This system had been working for many years, people were satisfied with the status quo, but then the digital revolution struck, and things would never be the same as before.

The cooking gas company has come up with their mobile apps to reduce the long and tedious workload to book or refill a gas cylinder: 


  • Whenever you require the refill of your gas cylinder, even at night we can rebook! we need to just open the app and follow the steps.
  • The user then can get a list of distributors delivering gas cylinders near their houses along with their performance rating. The service not only helps the customers by way of enhanced choice but also inspires healthy competition between the distributors to provide the best services to the customers and improve their performance ratings.
  • Place your order on the mobile app and also pay digitally. There are numerous options available to pay online. Within minutes the cooking gas refill has been booked, and we can even track our delivery through the reference number given at the starting.


Download the mobile app of your desired cooking gas company and easily book your gas cylinder.


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