Lummi Island Wild Review - Do They Offer Sustainable SeaFood?

Lummi Island Wild Review - Do They Offer Sustainable SeaFood?

Should you be a big fan of seafood, do not miss this review to explore one of the online stores that provide wild-caught seafood. In this article, BestProductLists will give you an overview of one of the best wild seafood companies: Lummi Island Wild, their seafood as well as customer reviews about Lummi Island Wild. 

About Lummi Island Wild

Lummi Island Wild was founded in 2007 and specializes in selling wild-caught seafood online. Lummi Island Wild is committed to delivering the freshest seafood to customers’ homes and still keeping its original taste. 

Lummi Island Wild brings many high nutritional value seafood products such as Wild Salmon, Tuna, Halibut, Cod, Shellfish, Ikura Salmon Caviar, and much more. 

One impressive thing you can find in Lummi Island Wild is that you can freely contribute your favorite recipes to Lummi Island Wild via their email - and you’ll get a 10% discount on the next order at Lummi Island Wild if your recipes are published on their website. 

In 2021, Lummi Island Wild was honored to receive 2 Good Food Awards in the “Fish” category celebrated by The Good Food Awards. 

Now Let’s dive into some of the most preferred seafood that Lummi Island Wild is offering!

Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon is one of the most well-known products at Lummi Island Wild. Wild salmon is all frozen right after being caught in order to preserve its flavor and freshness. Wild salmon is highly recommended by many customers because of its “wild” taste in the fish thanks to the frozen process. 

“Delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Consistently good year after year.” Hanna Kutcher.
“My daughter is very food sensitive and can not eat most store bought salmon. However, the ocean caught and quickly frozen Coho Salmon from Lummi…” Leland. 

Smoked Salmon

Smoked Salmon is a perfect choice for you to save your time instead of doing it at home on your own. Fresh salmon is worth trying, however, with smoked salmon you can bring it wherever you are as a tasty and good snack

You can use smoked salmon as a special flavor in some dishes if you want to take advantage of salt and smoke from smoked salmon. You can be surprised by the great combination of smoked salmon and other dishes. 

Ikura Salmon Caviar

Ikura caviar is a nutritious food with rich omega 3 fatty acids. All the salmon to harvest caviar are caught in the Salish Sea to ensure its freshness and quality. Lummi Island Wild brings the caviar’s freshness, taste, and oiled texture with each bite. 

Lummi Island Wild provides 3 sizes for frozen ikura caviar: 1.1lb bulk trays (500g) of caviar, 2.2 lbs (1 KG), and 7 ounces (200g). You can preserve the caviar for 7 days in the refrigerator right when receiving your caviar, but it is highly recommended to eat it within 3-4 days to have a great experience to taste the caviar. 

Lummi Island Wild Reviews

“Outstanding quality and taste! Will definitely order again! I thought we would never go through 3 lbs of ikura but here we are 15 days later thinking of our next order”


“Delicious! and the scallops arrived exactly in the time I requested. Thank you.” 

M McCleary

“This salmon was perfect. This is a great example of Lummi Island Wild keeping their promise and serving up a tasty treat that doesn’t disappoint.”


“Delicious. Best salmon I've ever eaten. Consistently good year after year.”
Hanna Kutcher

“My family recently devoured several packets of Lummi Island Wild’s smoked sockeye – it was moist, firm, and delicious!”

Lummi Island Wild FAQs

Do I get free shipping for my order on Lummi Island Wild?

You’ll get free shipping for all orders over $99 when you purchase seafood at Lummi Island Wild.

I see the SUBSCRIPTION BOX on Lummi Island Wild. What can I benefit from it?

The Subscription Box is a monthly delivery of wild-caught seafood at Lummi Island Wild. Depending on your needs, fishers will go for the best cuts for you.

Contact Lummi Island Wild 

Should you want to ask for more information or give your recipes and reviews, contact Lummi Island Wild via their email:

You can also see and contact Lummi Island Wild on Social Media channels: 

Lummi Island Wild Website

Lummi Island Wild FaceBook

Lummi Island Wild Youtube

Lummi Island Wild Instagram

Does Lummi Island Wild Offer Sustainable SeaFood?

As a customer, it is essential to know exactly where your seafood orders or anything ordered online are sourced before making a decision to buy or not. At  Lummi Island Wild, they have a community on their website to provide you with all the information about them such as their awards, sharing the best recipes to cook Lummi Island Wild seafood, notify the latest events or hot deals. 

More importantly, you will get more valued information about their fishing. All the details relating to fishing will allow you to know how they caught wild seafood, their methods or their campaigns for the wild fish conservancy, and much more. Since then, you will know not only Lummi Island Wild seafood but much more than that is what Lummi Island Wild is doing to bring sustainable seafood to your door.

In this review, I believe that you have had an answer for yourself about Lummi Island Wild and their products. Everything is available to explore right on their website to give you have a better insight into their “wild” seafood. 

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