Lush Christmas Sale 2019 – Big Sale For You!

Lush Christmas Sale 2019 – Big Sale For You!

On the arrival of Christmas, you would see lots of Christmas deals & sales to come around. Among one of them is Lush Christmas Sale 2019. At Christmas, Lush offers a wide range of products with the deepest discounts. Now, let’s find out.

1. How do you know about Lush?

Lush is well-known as one of the largest beauty products retailers in the world. Since 1996, they have been serving up the best fizz in the biz. Their bath, body, and skincare products are all made with ethically-sourced ingredients to benefit both mind, body and the environment. Lush offers high-quality products made up of supreme ingredients and feels it’s not possible to release discounts throughout the year.

Lush offers a wide range of products at the lowest price
Lush offers a wide range of products at the lowest price

At Christmas, Lush offers many great Christmas deals on various items. So this is one chance for the Lush Cosmetics die-hard fans to grab the opportunity and that is at the end of the year sale.

2. Lush Christmas sale 2019

You can see some of the Lush Christmas Gifts running on sale on their website. You can grab from them to gift your friends & loved once if you are in a plan of surprising them with a gift. Here are some best products you shouldn’t miss on Lush Christmas sale 2019.

Dreaming Of Christmas

Dreaming Of Christma - Four dreamy delights
Dreaming Of Christma – Four dreamy delights

This is the perfect Christmas gift at the Christmas season. Gift them this quartet of soothing, smoothing shower treats. Each one is filled with the bestselling lavender-tonka scent of Sleepy and Twilight which will gently lull them into a dreamy state. Start with one of two cleansers: a beautiful cloud-like soap or a softening shower bomb wash, then follow with either our original rich and creamy lotion or softening body powder. No matter which Sleepy selection they choose, they’ll be left feeling like they’ve been wrapped in a blanket of calm.

Little Snow Fairy

Lush Christmas sale - Little Snow Fairy
Lush Christmas sale – Little Snow Fairy

Little Snow Fairy is a treat for all ages! Lather up with Snow Fairy Shower Gel for super soft skin that’s been kissed with cotton candy sweetness, or soak in the shimmering waters of the Snow Fairy Bath Bomb. From bath to a shower, let them sink into Snow Fairy’s magical world all holiday long.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread House -Lush Christmas products
Gingerbread House -Lush Christmas products

This Lush Christmas set includes seven products to take you from the bath to shower and beyond with some of their most candy-coated concoctions. Choose from two sweet bath bombs. Or grab their bestselling berry-sweet bubble bar for mountains of foam. In addition, enjoy them over and over with the citrus sweetness of Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar. And don’t forget to lather up with our luxurious caramel-scented shower gel, Yog Nog, and then scrub up nice with two Cookie Dough scrubs one for your body, the other for your lips and you’ll smell bakery-fresh all season long.


Stardust - Lush Christmas gift set on sale
Stardust – Lush Christmas gift set on sale

It’s your time to shine with this beautiful gift that’ll leave anyone starry-eyed. Packed inside a reusable hatbox are six stunning ways to bathe in candy-scented wonder. The super sweet Creamy Candy Bubble Bar creates a mountain of soothing, smoothing bubbles, while Magic Wand fills tub after tub with Snow Fairy-scented foam. Moreover, this is a perfect Christmas gift for your loves, friends.

Shoot For The Stars – Bath bombs

Shoot For The Stars - Bath bombs
Shoot For The Stars – Bath bombs

Launch this limited edition bright blue fizzer in the water and watch it shoot and spin. Stay very still to see the swirling colors of the night sky dazzle in your bathtub alongside golden stars. As a calming blanket of shimmering royal blue unfurls in the water, Brazilian orange and bergamot oils take your skin to heaven as your mood rockets straight into the sky.

3. Conclusion

Lush Christmas sale 2019 is taking place in all stores, so you should try to make a shopping plan and shop as early as possible to get the best Lush Christmas deals. Besides, be a smart shopper when shopping at the Christmas sales to avoid overspending.

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