Madvapes Review: Satisfy All Vaping Needs

Madvapes Review: Satisfy All Vaping Needs

About Madvapes

Madvapes was started in July 2009 in Huntersville, NC.  Beginning with a humble start from a home office, Madvapes quickly expanded from home office to garage, to rented warehouse space and recently to a 10,000 sq foot warehouse.

In a nutshell, Madvapes is a credible source for all vaping needs. Their products include Electronic Cigarettes, Mods, Cartomizers, Atomizers, Clearomizers, Drip Tips, Chargers, Batteries, Coils, Coil Building Supplies and E-Liquid.

Things you would love at Madvapes

The company carries gear that is easy for beginners to use, regulated and unregulated advanced devices, tanks, clearomizers, and spare parts. Chris was into self-made mods and DIY e juice, so there is a solid supply of such items, though the list has grown shorter over the years.

Now he focuses less on building mods from scratch and more on replacing parts for brand-name devices and RBAs. You can shop by the department you want such as e juices and tanks.

Look up affiliate marketing while browsing this website. Madvapes is supported by affiliates who promote the company on their own sites and earn 7% commission for their efforts. This program is found on and is free to join.

Customers also earn reward points for shopping at Madvapes. For every purchase, customers earn back 5% which can be redeemed at the online store.

Mechanical Devices

This is one of the few major, mainstream online stores still carrying mechanical mods. They include the SMOK E-Pipe, Diablo Mini Pipes, and the Natural. Take advantage of sales if you are interested in buying a low-cost item and experimenting with mechanical vaping.

Regulated Devices

This is a larger section, but TC mods are light on the ground. Madvapes carries the SMOK H-Priv, Artery Vapor Summa Starter, and the Artery Vapor Nugget. There are more Variable Watt units, however, like the iTaste MVP 3.0 and the XPro M22. SMOK is well represented at Madvapes, who must have been one of their earliest and biggest customers in the beginning and that wholesale relationship is represented all over the site.

Other brands like Joyetech and Innokin also feature strongly. The iTaste SVD and iClear clearomizers are on display. Accessories like beauty rings and tubes are specifically Innokin and Smok products for their e cigs.

The ARO VV/VW and Joye A10 are advanced eGo-type devices. Madvapes also carries low-tech tanks like the 2.5-ml NBC or PBC by SMOK which complement an eGo. The NBC is like a Vivi Nova bottom coil tank and the PBC is a unique plastic tank with a Pyrex inner tube. Coils for both of these tanks can be replaced and there are multiple sizes and colours available.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Madvapes features many discounted items, always indicated by a pink tag which either reads “Sale” or indicates the percentage discounted. In some cases, deep discounts have been applied to show that Madvapes is keen to clear their stock of certain pieces. Items not on sale include the Joye Cubis Pro, Kanger CL Tank 4.0, and the TFV8 by SMOK.

The ones being cleared out appear to be older models. New developments in R&D have led to the creation of better leak-resistant technology while most modern tanks are filled from the top. Older styles fill from the bottom and that’s not so popular anymore.

E Juice

Shop by brand or by flavour and you will find hundreds of options. Invader Vapor, Action Fluid, Space Jam, and Patriot Vapor are just some of the choices carried alongside Madvapes creations like their Maxx series. A 10-ml bottle costs $3.99 and contains up to 18 mg of nicotine.

Madvapes customer reviews

I can’t get enough of this tank I love them so much I would highly recommend

These attys give you awesome vape clouds and great flavor.

Small, cheap, lightweight
This is a perfect mod for those starting out, works well at low power. Slim design prevents larger tanks, but you can usually guess which won’t work easy. Even has blowback feature over battery, a magnetic cover, so if ever the battery overloads, it will be ejected away from you and the mod. This is actually just in the Goldilocks zone of price and function. Not recommended for tricks and big clouds, lol.

These ecigs are the best. easy to use with a good throat hit



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