The Best Men’s Athletic Brands, Ranked Just In Time For Your Next Workout

The Best Men’s Athletic Brands, Ranked Just In Time For Your Next Workout


Bowlifi provides a wide range of great fitting customizedbowling jerseys.Inspired by the extraordinary people, developers andenthusiasts of Bowling sports who are individuals, including experts andamateurs that dye manufacturers have created Bowlifi. They are committed toproviding their customers with a quality product and service that exceedsexpectations. They believe in fostering long term relationships. Relationshipswith customers, distributors, suppliers, employees, friends and familyrelationships are closely linked.

Pros: Delivering you the quality that’s beyond compare, Dress for success, Bowlifi Free name and Bowlifi free shipping in Junior Gold Championships, The best deal for your team, guaranteed

Cons : While understated, the designs are just that — basic


EYSOM is easily one of the biggest sports brands and a new LA-based label that focuses on how your gym clothes are supposed to fit and feel. The global headquarters are located in Baltimore, Maryland with additional offices located in Amsterdam (European headquarters), Austin, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Houston, Jakarta, London, Mexico City, Munich, New York City, Panama City (international headquarters. The line isn’t huge, and it’s very expensive. But if you can afford it, the clothes are worth your money.

Pros: They really do fit well. They’re sturdy andcomfortable. And if you fork over $180 on a pair of gym shorts that you lookgood in, maybe it’ll motivate you to use them more at the gym.

Cons: Still, it’s hard to justify spending that much onsomething you’ll wear to the gym, given that there is other tailored,functional and technical gym apparel available on the market.

Under Armour

Under Armour is an American company that manufacturesfootwear, sports, and casual apparel. They have now evolved into a brand thatis at the forefront of a gym staple, making high-quality garments that reflectthe needs of their wearers. You might think that Under Amour is a gym staple,with a few items every guy should have in his arsenal. A black V-neck baselayer and compression short to keep everything in place under your runningshorts. Safe to say the ladies will love you in it

Pros: UA’s variety is huge, with something for every sportfrom football to running and beach to hiking.

Cons: Most of their stuff is emblazoned with its logo.


Gap is one of the leading sportswear company, which has soldstyle-forward workout clothes targeted to its women demo, but recently Gap hasswitched to selling Gap Fit equipment for men, “a new collection ofhigh-performance devices for all types of training.”

Pros:The prices are inexpensive, and the designs are simpleand dynamic that you’re headed to the gym- a pair of running shorts is only$19.99-but there isn’t a huge variety to choose from

Cons: While understated, the designs are just that — basic. Kinda boring. Don’t get us wrong: It’s exciting that Gap’s making athleisure wear for men, but if you’re going to a line of workout gear toward guys, don’t make it feel like an afterthought


Reebok, the name is derived from the name of South Africanantelope which has plenty of technical athletic wear. Reebok since 2005 is asubsidiary of Adidas, Reebok manufactures the product line includes shoes,apparel, and sports accessories.

 In 1890, JosephWilliam Foster made popular running shoes until today when he made the idealfor novelty jogging shoes. After the ideal developed, he and his sonestablished the J.W shoe company. Then in 1958, Joe and Jeff renamed thecompany Reebok. In 1979, Paul Fireman, an American sports product distributor,met a pair of Reebok shoes at an international trade show and negotiated tosell them in the North American market.

Pros: Reebok’s variety is still as huge as ever, withtechnical offerings for most track-and-field activities: running, walking,cross training, etc.

Cons: Its style isn’t as sharp as it used to be.

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