Get Your Most Healthy Shoe With OrthoFeet

Get Your Most Healthy Shoe With OrthoFeet

Who is OrthoFeet?

OrthoFeet is a footwear company for those who have a medical condition or have poor foot expression and are always looking for the best solutions and shoes while ensuring the smoothness, comfort as well as health for users. Established in 1984 by Ron Bar and his brother Michael Bar. However, the real OrthoFeet was born when Ron Bar lost his tank storage and was hit by a rocket in 1973 during a Yom Kippur fry. Ron recognized the infusion cast as an inefficient and time-consuming method for the patient. So he started to design insoles and orthotics to suit people having mobility problems. Ron and his brother work together to create unique designs that use polyurethane foam to expand in contact with water, which enhances the fit of the feet and enhances comfort during exercise. Another special thing about Orthofeet is that the shoes here combine modern style with highly therapeutic little details that help support and improve the operation of areas such as legs, knees and back below. From the disaster of Ron has created a mighty footwear empire that helps millions of people. OrthoFeet's primary business goal is to provide a good product and to go with it with excellent service. 

OrthoFeet advantage

OrthoFeet is designed with advanced technology and bio-mechanics for the most comfortable movement of the foot from the heel to toe. This clever design also reduces pain in the heels, feet, knees and even lower back.

The speciality of OrthoFeet's products lies in its smart design. When wearing OrthoFeet shoes, you not only feel comfortable but also have a healing effect by the following points: Innovative ortho-cushion system, Biomechanical orthotic insole, Protective interior lining, Non-binding, extra depth design, Stretchable uppers, Removable spacers, Tie-less lace system, Two-way strap system. With these outstanding features, OrthoFeet easily captures the hearts of customers as well as shows the company's care for the health of customers. So why not own one of your health-boosting shoes today with Orthofeet and take the chance to get a discount with this summer's promo and amazing prices. Get discounts on all items up to 25%. When you shop at OrthoFeet, you also have the opportunity to get free intra-US shipping as well as free refunds if the quality of your shoes is not worth what you expect. OrthoFeet makes it easy for you to confidently choose the shoes you want and shop online with the shoe size conversion table for both men and women and detailed measurements. This helps you to reduce the worry of online purchases that do not match your measurements.

Why do podiatrists suggest OrthoFeet?

OrthoFeet is recommended by foot therapists for sensitive feet. Besides the main footwear products, the company also provides all kinds of soles as well as socks. With the combination of sneaker technology and therapeutic details, this shoe company focuses on providing the most comfort to the user's feet and optimal protection and reduced feel. fatigue especially for the disabled feet and a number of related diseases such as hepatitis, heel and foot pain, boils, calves, calluses and nerve tumours. In addition, OrthoFeet products can also be used for diabetics, arthritis, and neurological diseases. In addition to the usual comfortable sneakers, OrthoFeet is also starting to produce high heels that are both feminine and comfortable during exercise. Called the Bioheels, this shoe allows the user to adjust the level of support under the shoe arch and the space inside the shoe to fit the foot as much as possible. For more information, click here. OrthoFeet has a proven track record of helping millions of people looking for the most comfortable orthopaedic shoe, foot orthotics, detachable sole, non-seam socks possible, and at the same time also reduces and prevents leg problems they get.

Customer service and health education information

Not only does OrthoFeet focus mainly on smart designs and specialized products, but OrthoFeet also focuses on improving customer service. For OrthoFeet, there are 2 things that they pay special attention to 1 lane of product and 2 for service. For a brand that has good products and bad services, it is impossible to retain that customer for long and also leave a bad impression on that customer. Therefore, in order to make customers as comfortable as possible, OrthoFeet always has policies that are suitable and pleasant for consumers such as footwear return and exchange regulations. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product, then it is possible for them to return the product within 2 months and get a 100% refund for the amount they paid.

In addition to providing footwear products, they also provide information about consumer health protection with helpful blog posts such as Achilles, Tendonitis, Bunions, Diabetes, Flat Feet, Hammertoes, Heel Pain, Heel Spurs, Morton's Neuroma, Neuropathy, Plantar, Fasciitis. You can click here to learn more about these diseases and how to prevent them. 

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