The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2019 You Cannot Skip

The Most Popular Halloween Costumes For Kids In 2019 You Cannot Skip

This year’s top Halloween costumes for kids might give you flashbacks to your own childhood. 2019 is the year the famous animation firms launched blockbusters such as the frozen queen, The Lion King, toy story 4, The Secret Life of Pets 2, Frozen… made many children extremely excited. Kids are already clamoring for costumes based on their favorite characters.
Some of the top searches so far include The Powerpuff Girls, Toy Story, Spider-Man, Aladdin, Mermaids, Jedi (knights) and the Joker…will be Halloween costumes trends for kids this year.

Princess Jasmine costume

Jasmine costume Jasmine princes

Beautiful jasmine dress that makes any little girl feel just like she’s in the movie. Jasmine costume Jasmine princess 2019 costume Jasmine Disney, this dress will exceed your expectations! It is gorgeous, fits your kids perfectly. It will make your kid be a real princess when wearing it for all of her Halloween events and more.

Buzz Lightyear costume

Child Buzz Lightyear Costume - Toy Story

From Andy’s room to Sid’s house to Sunnyside Day Care, your little boy doesn’t lack for adventure in Buzz Lightyear Costume! A purple Buzz Lightyear headpiece is included to transform him into Star Command’s number one space ranger!

Mermaid costume


Ready to reimagine and transform into something new? As Halloween draws near, it’s time to decide on a showstopping costume whether that means spreading wings to fly, sharpening claws, ruffling a few feathers, or proving that unicorns are more than mere myth. Mermaids were one of the most popular costume searches for kids who identify as female.
Pick for Halloween is Mermaids. They’re fun, graceful, the life of the party (and they somehow always manage to have fantastic hair). “The Little Mermaid” we know wanted nothing more than to trade her fins for legs-we say, why not have both?

Simba costume

Simba Costume for Kids

Kids just can’t wait to be king of the Halloween carnival in this soft plush Simba costume. There will be no worries about rising to the limelight in this full bodysuit inspired by Disney’s 1994 animated The Lion King.

Spider-Man costume

Boys Classic Spider

Spider-Man is the #3 top trending search for those identifying as male, and “superhero” is the #1 search, so we’ll go ahead and say this costume is a pretty safe bet. Transform into a web-slinging superhero with this Classic Spider-Man Muscle Costume for boys! A polyester red and blue jumpsuit feature muscles molded into the arms and torso, Spidey’s iconic web print and a large spider symbol on the chest. A red half-mask covering the head and top half of the face completes this striking Spider-Man costume.

Elsa costume

Girls Elsa Costume

Disney’s Frozen has become a huge hit with kids and adults around the world. Your kids will be excited when wearing like Elsa or Anna-their favorite characters. A selection of Frozen costumes of the whole gang: Anna, Elsa, Olaf, Kristoff, and even Sven are ready to choose!

The costumes above will make your children excited about the upcoming Halloween. Choose the most suitable Halloween costumes for your girls and boys so they can go through the Halloween holiday in the most wonderful way.

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