14 Surprising Mother’s Day Gifts Your Wife Is Sure To Love

14 Surprising Mother’s Day Gifts Your Wife Is Sure To Love

Although we’re sure you’re cherishing your partner every day, when Mother’s Day comes around it’s an opportunity to make the woman in your life feel extra special. Everybody knows that Mom has one of the toughest jobs going, so finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your spouse is vital to making her feel supported, respected and valued.

Sure, you could do chocolates and flowers - but go the extra mile for brownie points that will pay dividends all year. Here are 14 unique Mother’s Day gifts she’s sure to love this year.

Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Bluetooth Smart Pen & Notebook Set

This elegant smart Moleskine notebook will let your spouse jot down any notes on the go and digitize them for the future. The beauty of this gift is that it promotes both creativity - the poem-on-the-go, but it’s just as useful for a shopping list. Multipurpose!

2. Mayberry Slippers

Moms spend a lot of time on their feet, so help them slip into something more comfortable with these cute, fluffy slippers. These are the perfect pair for wearing around the house and she’ll get a daily reminder of your love for her when she slips them on every morning.

3. Gravity Blanket

Nothing says “I Love You” like a heartfelt hug, but you can’t be around all the time to offer one. A gravity blanket is specially weighted to imitate that human touch and they’ve been demonstrated to ease anxiety, improve sleep and just generally boost well-being. Wrap up your wife in a gravity blanket this Mother’s Day.

4. Massage Gun

The massage gun is favored by gym bunnies all over the world because of its exceptional ability at soothing sore muscles. Whether your wife is a gym fanatic or just on-the-go, a massage gun shows her you respect her need to unwind. Offer to use it on her for bonus points!

5. El Rayo Plato Tequila

One thing she’ll love on Mother’s Day is being reminded she doesn’t have to be a mom all the time. Let her cut loose with this palatable tequila, perfect for cocktails in the sun. This crisp, clean flavor goes down a treat.

6. Waffle Brunch Gift Box

Breakfast in bed - it’s the classic partner’s treat. Give the promise of service with a smile with a waffle brunch gift box, packed with artisanal brunch treats such as maple syrup and fresh berries, this is a taste sensation that will be remembered all year.

7. Silk PJ Set

Silk is the most beautiful fabric, warm in the winter and cool and fresh on your skin all summer. A silken pyjama set adds a bit of luxury to her bed time routine, and she’ll appreciate these jim jams all night long.

8. Wine Club Subscription

The wine club subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. A monthly reminder of how much you love and appreciate your partner will turn up on your doorstep, and with full-bouqueted reds to succulent whites, these wines provide an elegant beverage for every occasion.

9. Maybelline Sky High Mascara

If your wife’s the kind of gal who likes to get made up, this exquisite mascara shows you know her well. This is a miracle-working mascara lauded across the beauty blogs, and comes in multiple shades for the perfect look.

10. Mist Your Mood Essential Oils

Essential oils can add elegance and fragrance to every moment, and these easy-spray fragrance bottles will bring joy to every room in your house. Add a couple drops of the lavender and chamomile concoction to the bath for the ultimate in relaxation.

11. Lululemon Leggings

Lululemon are the last word in practical and elegant leggings that will bring an unrivalled combo of luxury and comfort to every task. These leggings are equally good for the pilates workout as they are for daily chores - your wife will love them so much she might never want to take them off!

12. Ugg Women's Cozette Slides

Ugg Boots may have gone out of fashion, but these retro-inspired fuzzy sliders are perfect for wearing in the home. She’ll love slipping into these in the morning and the gentle tickle of the furry fabric provides maximum comfort.

13. Custom Art

Surprise your wife by turning your family snapshots into custom art, something to hang in the home forever. There are multiple web platforms that yet you combine beautiful mosaics and will print and even frame your creations - she’ll love the creativity and effort that goes into these.

14. Love Pop 3D Card

Love Pop’s 3D cards can bring a new dimension to the Mother’s Day card. From love-hearts to stunning orchids, these cards bloom before your partner’s eyes. Inscribe with a custom message to let her know how you feel!

Wrapping It Up

Don’t leave it til the last minute - nobody wants to be frantically Googling for late-night florists. These 14 beautiful, bespoke gifts will surprise and delight your wife, reminding her that whilst she’s the mother of your children she’s much more than that to you.


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