Useful Native Advertising Software Platforms For Your Business

Useful Native Advertising Software Platforms For Your Business

In the past few years, businesses and companies are rethinking their marketing strategies. Besides affiliate marketing which is even more popular now, native ads are also gaining steam. According to estimates, they account for over 70% of ad revenue in the USA this year, which is over double of the previous years.

This type of ads grabs the user’s attention in a non-obtrusive way. In technical terms, native ads have a much higher clickthrough rate when compared to conventional ads. That’s why companies decide to use native ad software solutions which generate high-quality leads and traffic.

However, it can be tough to find the right one for your business. That’s because the market is flooded by choices, confusing users whether they need a simpler or more advanced solution.

If you’re facing such a problem, the following platforms can help.

Voluum DSP

Looking for a solution that will let you run 20+ native ads from one platform? Voluum can do that and so much more and thanks to the self-served model, you get to try it for free, no strings attached. It’s one of the top native advertising software solutions that can help manage your campaigns without a charge and with the assistance of an account manager.

Of course, the paid version brings more features that will help you manage your ads even better. But the great news is that you can use it for free which isn’t something that many ad platforms can brag about.


Taboola is probably the world’s most popular native ads platform. It’s a fantastic option for new and power users. The platform can deliver high-quality traffic to your website and great page views, and has major clients such as USA Today and the Huffington Post on its roster.

There’s a catch to using it – you must have over 1 million page views to apply. The pricing model is around $2 for CPC campaigns with maximum RPM and CPM. There’s a minimum payment threshold of $100 so keep these things in mind if you plan on using this platform.

The great news about Taboola is that it uses modern, high-tech native ads technology including geo-targeting. It’s among the best platforms for this type of marketing that you should take a look at.


Outbrain topped the native ads market in just a short time. It managed to secure deals with clients such as The Guardian and BBC which speaks volumes of its quality. It allows publishers to access top DSPs via programming native ad demand which is a feature only the top-quality platforms offer.

You can choose between various CPC and CPM pricing models after trying the platform for free. Outbrain requires 10 million page views which is higher than what Taboola asks for. The platform also offers in-feed and in-article native advertising for video and display ads.

It’s a powerful tool that will help your business grow like nothing else. If you ask industry experts and major media outlets, Outbrain may be the best native ads platform in the business.

Yahoo Gemini

Yahoo may be far away from its best days, but the Gemini service is actually useful. It’s one of the top native ads platform in the USA and has clients such as Huff Post, TechCrunch, AOL, and Yahoo itself. There’s a wide range of native ads formats to pick from including image ads, install ads, video ads, and Moments ads.

You can also import your campaigns from Google Ads if you don’t want big changes. Plus, the platform is much less strict in terms of page views. You can apply for the platform with only 10,000 page views per month.


RevContent was a very popular native ads platform a few years back, and now it’s making a comeback. It offers over 250 million native ad recommendations per month and has some big clients behind its name. Forbes and Wayfair stand the tallest among them. RevContent has a self-service feature that allows you to position and display your native ads to your business needs.

To get inside, your website needs to generate over 3 million page views per month. This platform supports both CPC and vCPM campaigns, with the minimum payment threshold being $50. 

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