Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review|Breastfeeding Needs

Nested Bean Sleep Sack Review|Breastfeeding Needs

Sleep sacks are critically important for babies, especially those who have problems with sleeping and cry a lot. Our precious babies really need a good sleep sack that has the ability to mimic our touch as we can’t stay with them all the time. Sleep sacks also help babies avoid suffocation caused by laying on loose bedding or sheets. Let’s read through this review of the Nested Bean Sleep Sack to see whether it can be a good choice for your baby.

What are the Nested Bean Sleep Sack features?

It’s a gently weighted sleep sack with a weighted centre to mimic your touch. It also has a two-way zipper and two adjustable shoulder tabs. It would be perfect for babies who are taller than average. Diaper changes are easy to do in this sleep sack.

The material is great, high quality. The cotton is great for all seasons so you don’t feel like my baby overheats in this sleep sack. Even when you wash this sack multiple times per week, it does not pill or get rough. In general, the sack still feels as soft and comfy as day one.

How does the Nested Bean Sleep Sack work?

So the million dollar question is does this sleep sack really work? My answer is yes…in conjunction with a solid predictable night time routine. The sleep sack alone is NOT going to put your baby to sleep.

A lot of babies initially can’t sleep unless you are holding them, which is frustrating and unsafe for your own sleep. Obviously, you love holding your baby but that’s so inconvenient and also unsafe as you might fall asleep while holding your baby!

A huge draw to this sleep sack that others don’t have? The weighted centre designed to feel as light as your hand on your baby’s chest. You should rub those beans in the weighted centre lightly in a circular motion. This soothes your baby and when you remove your hand the sensation of touch is still there all night. Then you can see your baby calm down when being placed into the sack.

Is the Nested Bean Zen Sack Safe?

Using your sleep sack can help with creating a safe sleeping environment. We don’t need to use loose blankets or bedding since the baby can wear their blanket. You don’t have to worry about loose objects causing suffocation.

When it comes to the weighted centre, Nested Bean did their research:

As per physiotherapy standards, the application of weight equivalent to 10% of one’s body weight is considered to add positive or therapeutic pressure to relieve stress and induce calm. The weight of the centre area of our products is calibrated at 2 ounces. For babies 7 lbs. and over, 2 ounces of weight is less than 10% of their chest weight. This weight is simply meant to mimic the gentle sensation of your palm on your baby’s chest, which at times can be more than 2 ounces.

Thanks to the weighted centre, I’m sure you baby will feel comfortable while wearing this sleep sack.


Paired with a consistent, soothing nighttime routine, the Zen Sleep sack really is a wonderful positive sleep association. Don’t hesitate to head over the Nested Bean website and find out other amazing products for your baby!


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