Neurocosmetics Products And The Effects Of Stress On Your Skin In The Daily Life

Neurocosmetics Products And The Effects Of Stress On Your Skin In The Daily Life

In the world of skin care, treatments and beauty, a term has emerged that over time has taken its own definition and has appeared in a variety of products, we are talking about neurocosmetics. These neurocosmetic products are mainly aimed at a female market, they bring as a premise the recovery of the connection between the skin and the brain, which with stress and time has been damaged. 

The Facial Derm company is one of the promoters of this type of products, with a wide variety of face cream for woman, anti-stress masks, serums, among others, with which they manage to promote a care and recovery to the skin carried by the stress.

Neurocosmetics and their function

The Facial Derm company defines neurocosmetic products as a product that will help to recover the embryonic tissue that connects the skin with the brain. This company has the knowledge of the connection that exists between the skin and the brain, thanks to the practically endless sensors found in the skin, which in times of stress, anxiety or having a hectic and careless pace of life, they weaken the connection between receptors and nerves, causing our skin to be affected and suffer.

Normally, these failures in the connection of skin and brain tend to appear after 30 years, when the skin begins to appear dehydrated, dimly lit and tired. At this point it is always advisable to opt for products that focus on this type of cosmetic, to regain healthy and beautiful skin.

The effects of stress on the skin

Current daily life has resulted in unacceptable but unavoidable stress levels, these have led to people's skin being affected by these high levels, especially one of the most sensitive and exposed parts such as the facial part, bringing as consequences:

  • Excessive dehydration of the skin
  • Low lightness
  • Redness in small areas
  • Excessive increase in wrinkles and dark circles
  • Weakness in the skin
  • Stains
  • Increase or appearance of acne

The most advisable thing to avoid these types of consequences, in addition to irritation in other areas of the body, is to prevent stress situations or look for objects that help us lower stress levels, or have hobbies that relax us.

When using a product to help recover the skin from these consequences, you must always verify its approval with the dermatologist, and that the company has experience in the area of ​​neurocosmetics, such as Facialderm, with a great variety of products that focus on this type of recovery.

Facialderm Products to recover the skin from the stress of the day to day

This company, recognized worldwide for its neurocosmetics, has a large inventory of products to help stress-battered skin, which stand out from the regular cosmetics found on the market. With a line of anti-stress and anti-aging facial creams, certified by dermatologists, that will help you to reconnect and repair the damaged dermis, for all skin types, with the C1 Hydrating and D-Stress for normal - dry skin or the C2 Mattifying and D-Stress for oily skin.

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