New Hue, New Season: Galitzine Goes Golden At Milan Runway Outing

New Hue, New Season: Galitzine Goes Golden At Milan Runway Outing

British actor Nicholas Galitzine has never been shy about changing up his look, and his latest transformation was no exception. While sitting front row at Fendi's Spring/Summer 2025 runway show during Milan Fashion Week, Galitzine unveiled a head of newly bleached blonde hair.

Galitzine has rocked a variety of styles over the years, from choppy brunette cuts to frosted tips (which we'll just say were a unique phase). But the blond bombshell look seemed like a fresh choice for the summer months ahead. He paired his lighter locks with a denim jacket, patterned tie, and blue pants - all part of the Fendi ensemble, of course, as Galitzine is a global brand ambassador.

Taking to Instagram to show off his handiwork, the 29-year-old posed with shades on a city street, with a larger-than-life billboard featuring his own image from the Fendi Fall 2024 campaign serving as the backdrop. Gotta love it when your face is plastered all over the streets of Milan!
Galitzine's new 'do comes after playing Prince Henry with light hair in Prime Video's Red, White and Royal Blue last year. And while he went back to brunette for his role as rockstar Hayes Campbell in Anne Hathaway vehicle The Idea of You, it seems summer called for a blonde refresh.

Even his Cinderella co-star Camila Cabello weighed in on Instagram, joking that Galitzine had "stolen her look" - though to be fair, she just went blonde herself back in February. Either way, Nicholas Galitzine is clearly having fun with his hair transformation and using Fashion Week as the perfect debut for his beach-ready new look. Summer's here, and so is Galitzine's blonde bombshell era - viva la hair revolution!

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