NordLayer VPN Review: Multi-Layered Network Security,  Flexible VPN Service For Businesses

NordLayer VPN Review: Multi-Layered Network Security,  Flexible VPN Service For Businesses

Currently, there are millions of accounts on Netflix, Facebook, TikTok,... created per day, this means that millions, billions of people on the world use social media to relax without geo-restrictions, to rise up user's security on a public network, users select VPN options available per using. But, this is not enough for organizations, they need more from their VPNs like features and security options. If your organization is looking for a VPN network access solution, NordLayer VPN is the perfect choice for you to try on now! 

What is NordLayer?

Not only NordLayer provides a suite of VPN features, it is also a business VPN manager. 

Admins may use the VPN to manage VPN setups as a team instead of individuals self-set-up their own private network. Using NordLayer, you are able to manage all VPNs under a team and adding/removing users is also easy to do.

NordLayer is available on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and Linux. After NordLayer sends an email to users, you can download the app and install the VPN. When starting to use it, the VPN provides users with over 30 server locations around the world; users will experience features such as malware blocking, a kill switch, automatic connection, and AES-256 encryption on all data transactions.

If you work as a team, you can completely work across six devices at any one time, all team members can install NordLayer across their business hardware.

NordLayer Features

NordLayer allows centralized billi to be more convenient for payment for enterprise customers. Hence, a single admin can receive a total invoice for any users using the VPN in their business. NordLayer is also willing to support transferable licenses, so you can easily switch team members.

In the using process, NordLayer sets up two-factor authentication with the main aim to ensure security during the registration and sign-in process.

NordLayer allows you to create and deploy a dedicated server on a private gateway or create VPN groups by separating gateways across teams. In case you wish a separate VPN gateway for you and another for developers, you may keep them separate.

Note that NordLayer allows users to connect up to six devices to their VPN.

How Much Does NordLayer Cost?

Overcomplicate pricing at many business-centric VPNs is so complicated with various packages, this makes it hard for users to choose. But at NordLayer, the pricing model is straightforward, so users can easily select the best packages that you ask for. NordLayer allows just one user to purchase a plan instead of enforcing a minimum number of users, unlike other businesses.

There are two plans for you to pick: 

  • Basic: $9 per user each month, or $7 per month if you buy a package for a full year. 
  • Advanced: $11 per user each month, or $9 on the annual payment package. 

It seems that NordLayer is the best choice with the “affordable” bracket. 

NordLayer Easy-to-use Interface

According to many users' feedback, the NordLayer dashboard is easy to use. It will be a great way to manage your VPN with NordLayer.

 When you are admin, you can add multiple employees at once by adding multiple email addresses, help them choose the right version of the VPN they’re going to need and they download an app for PC, Mac, iOS, or Android after getting the email.

NordLayer Customer Support

Come to NordLayer, you can be supported at best by a support team. Whenever you want to know general information about their service, the web knowledgebase is the place to begin. 

You can get the best help quickly and in time from the NordLayer team. NordLayer is ready for 24/7 support across both the Basic and Advanced price tiers.

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