[NOWA WATCH Reviews] – #1 French Independent Brand Making Thin Hybrid Smartwatches For Travel In Paris

[NOWA WATCH Reviews] – #1 French Independent Brand Making Thin Hybrid Smartwatches For Travel In Paris

For many, refinement, simplicity personal style, and useful technologies are becoming the new trend. That’s the reason why Nowa Watch was born with the aim of bringing a simple, yet clever, hybrid smartwatch elegantly combining fashion and technology.


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Nowa watches were created by Eric Gizard in 2016. They arethin and smartwatches for travel. Nowa smartwatches are perfect for the activeperson who cares about style. They are elegant timepieces with a minimalistdesign suitable for everyday-wear for people on the move.

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Nowa watches are designed exclusively in Paris andhand-crafted with great attention to detail and just the right amount ofintelligence. These watches express simple, elegant, and smart. When youwearing them, you’ll feel great and look sharp.

Nowa gives you just enough technology, all in agreat-looking, slim hybrid watch.  Justneed to download the NOWA app, set your watch, then enjoy the best of modernlifestyles with a refined, stylish look!

Things you would love

Classic NOWA watch

No charge battery that last up to 8 months

The Nowa hybrid watch does not need to becharged. To replace the battery, bring your NOWA to a qualified specialist.

Easy strapreplacement

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NOWA watch straps feature quick release springbars for easy replacement with any standard 20 mm watch band. If you want tomix and match your NOWA hybrid watch with additional straps, shop for them hereand go wild!

Each Piece is Unique

Every NOWA hybrid watch is created withoutcompromise and engraved with a unique identifying serial number. They aredesigned in Paris.

A Smart Companionfor your Smartphone

When receiving a call, you will be notified by adiscrete‚ ashing light on your NOWA watch. You can immediately reject the callwith a quick push on the crown.

Convenient photo taking

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With Nowa watches, you can take distance photosfor perfect selfies with friends. You simply open the camera controls using theapp and push down on the crown to shoot.

Automatic time zone charge

No matter where you go, NOWA convenientlyadjusts to your time zones.

Day and Night ActivityTrackingThey track and record your activities for ahealthier lifestyle. It also records your sleep at night.

Nowa watch Customer Reviews

Published by Louis Poodle

“This watch is beautiful AND is a smartwatch! It looks like an elegant timepiece but it does heaps more. And the people who make and distribute it go so much further to make your experience great. I can’t say enough good things about it! (and them!)”

Publishedby Mario da Silva

“I just received my Nowa White on the 27th. I’ve been wearing it since then, at night, and connecting up in the morning. The Apps connects fine when it’s within 15 feet. I don’t know about the accuracy of the data, but the Nowa Apps seem to be steady. I LIKE that it collects data until it’s asked to Sync. I have TWO gripes, ONE, for a watch that’s also to be worn in the night, I feel it should have AT LEAST Luminous hands, if not hour markers. TWO, the leather is of good quality, but the buckle digs into my wrist during sleep and hurts when I awake. Either the leather should be thicker there, or the holes should be nearer the inner edge of the circle.”

Publishedby Alina Hunt

“After wearing an I-watch for 3 years, I decided that I wanted to go back to a more “traditional” watch that also as a few smart features (step counting, sleep analysis, etc.) but without being intrusive and so “in your face”. The Nowa is the slimmest, lightest smart watch I have found out there, and I don’t feel as “haunted” and tracked by my watch as before although the i-watch is a great watch for sure! Oh, I forgot to say that it’s cool and stylish too and that you can get different bands for it to match your outfits if you want.”

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