Nature’s Own: Nutritional Supplements For Good Health & Well-being

Nature’s Own: Nutritional Supplements For Good Health & Well-being

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We all know that health is the most important thing and yet we neglect it, sometimes more than we’d like to admit. Remember that time when you had 5 shots of coffee to finish a project? Or when you were too busy to prepare a healthy dinner so you just munched on some crisps instead? Oh and how about that time you stayed up all night because you couldn’t stop your racing thoughts?

All these “small” slip-ups take a toll on your health and wellbeing one way or another. But what can you do? It’s hard to stay afloat in this fast-paced way of life. Stress, uncertainties, piles and piles of work… And like that wasn’t enough, there’s a crippling pandemic to spice things up. So how does one stay healthy in these time hard times we’re living in? 

Read the Signs Your Body’s Sending You

Feeling anxious out of nowhere? You might need a slow-wave sleep. Getting frequent colds? You might need to boost your immune system. Increased appetite? Your diet may lack protein, fat or fibre. If you want to ensure good health you need to get in tune with your own body. 

Coincidentally or not, one of Australia’s most trusted vitamin brands has a similar motto, but they call it being “Body Smart”.

Being body smart means knowing how to read all the signs that your body is sending you and giving it what it needs. For more than 40 years Nature’s Own has been helping Australians to unlock their body’s natural potential by being body smart.

Their extensive line of supplements is the result of years of hard work and research. By combining the traditions of natural medicine with the latest nutritional science, Natures Own has developed premium quality supplements which are the ultimate choice of thousands of body smart Australians. Want to join the smart gang? Check out these Nature’s own products down below to see whether they’re something your body craves. 

Build a Solid Defense Against the Flu & Colds


Frequent infections and colds, bathroom problems, joint aches, headaches and fatigue are just some of the signs that your immune system could use a hand. But fret not, because Nature’s Own products come to the rescue. Natures Own team of researchers and scientists have swept the globe for the most potent immune-boosting ingredients and developed products that deliver fast results.

As you may already know, vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D are considered the most effective immune-boosting supplements, but Nature’s Own went that extra mile to combine these immune system guardians with the most powerful natural ingredients known to exist. Echinacea, garlic, horseradish and fenugreek are just some of the star ingredients in Natures Own immunity and wellbeing line of products.

If you frequently get colds or you’re struggling with a stubborn cough at the moment, reach for the Triple Strength Garlic Plus C Horseradish formula. This powerful blend is a combination of herbs used in traditional western herbal medicine to help relieve symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections. It’s also enhanced with vitamin C to support a healthy immune system function.

The High Strength Echinacea formula is another mighty supplement that can decrease the duration and the symptoms of the common cold as well as their reoccurrence. That’s because Echinacea is known to activate neutrophils, the most prevalent white blood cells that support healthy immune system function.

Listen to Your Gut and Improve Its Health

Do you know that an unhealthy gut can affect your whole body? The side effects of bad gut flora extend way beyond gas and bloating. The signs that your unhealthy gut might be sending you are diarrhea, heartburn, fatigue, skin breakouts, sugar cravings, allergies, headaches and there’s plenty more from where that came from.

If you suffer from any of these things, it may be time to give your digestive system some relief. Although the first that comes to mind when it comes to gut supplements are prebiotics and probiotics, the first thing you should do to restore balance to your digestive system is to flush all those accumulated toxins away.

And to help your rebellious gut, Nature’s Own has developed a wide range of products with detoxifying herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, globe artichoke, just to name a few. If you decide to start a detox program, a Milk Thistle remedy can be a powerful ally thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This herb has been used for more than 2000 years to treat various health problems including indigestion and upset stomach.

The High Strength Milk Thistle formula by Nature’s Own contains a high amount of silymarin – the flavonolignan responsible for Milk Thistle’s healing properties. This unique formula won’t only relieve digestive discomfort and symptoms of indigestion, but it’ll also enhance your detox by supporting healthy liver function.

Erase Fatigue & Amp Up Your Energy Levels

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Unfortunately, not everyone sings along to the “ay, ay, ay, I'm on vacation every single day 'cause I love my occupation” part by Dirty Heads. For most of us, it’s more like an “I’m on a highway to hell” situation *chuckles*. Jokes aside, balancing your workload and social life while achieving your goals nowadays is a tough challenge.

High workloads and stress can drive you to the point of burnout where no amount of caffeine can help. If you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately, keep an eye for symptoms such as forgetfulness, inability to focus and constant tiredness. If you notice that you’re feeling sluggish or negative about everyday tasks your brain might be screaming for help.

So, what can you do to restore your energy levels and improve your mental performance? Apart from getting an adequate amount of nutrients, a proper amount of exercise and regular sleep, you can also reach for Nature’s Own Korean Ginseng supplement. This herb is widely known for its ability to help regulate the mood, fight off stress and improve cognition.

Natures Own Korean Gingseng capsules can help your body adapt to stress, decrease mental fatigue and relieve tiredness. What’s more, this powerful supplement can also enhance your physical stamina and endurance. 

Ensure a Good Night’s Sleep Every Night

Job burnout isn’t the only thing that can make you feel exhausted. If you aren’t getting an adequate amount of sleep on the reg, your body will send you signs such as constant yawning, mood swings, irritability, brain fog and the list goes on and on. What’s scarier is that sleep deprivation can put you at a higher risk for heart attack, heart failure and stroke. So that’s why you should NEVER skimp on your sleep.

If you’re having troubles sleeping Nature’s Own Complete Sleep formula might be worthy of your attention. This supplement is a combination of two key ingredients Lactium(R) and Ziziphus which join forces to relieve stress and assist a healthy sleep. This product won’t only help you fall asleep, but it’ll also improve sleep quality so you can wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed.

Although this concludes today’s list of Nature’s Own supplements, make sure to check out the rest of their products. You can find Nature’s Own Australia wide in numerous pharmacies or shop online from the convenience of your own home.

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