Obsessed With Cardi B's Messy Retro Updo And Why It's My Next Hair Inspiration

Obsessed With Cardi B's Messy Retro Updo And Why It's My Next Hair Inspiration

Cardi B never disappoints with her fashion show style and her latest look has me absolutely floored. As usual, she was the star of the Marc Jacobs show, completely stealing the show in a massive floral gown. But it was her hair that really took things to the next level.

Done up in a towering, messy updo by Tokyo Stylez, her locks had so much volume and texture. It perfectly matched the puffy sleeves and florals of her ensemble. I'm always in awe of how Cardi commits fully to each detail of her look. She didn't stop there though - the retro-inspired blunt bangs framing her face were the cherry on top.

I'm obsessed with how the bangs add to the '60s inspiration while still feeling modern. This woman really understands the art of juxtaposition. The updo also showed off her necklaces and earrings to perfection. Frankly, I don't know how anyone could outshine that Marc Jacobs spectacle but she did it effortlessly.

Knowing Cardi, this is just the beginning of her next-level fashion month ensembles too. I can't wait to see the incredible looks she has in store for future shows. She's definitely inspiring me to try bolder hairstyles this fall. Tokyo Stylez works magic with her textures and this retro moment has me itching to play with volume and styles from different eras. Mark my words, I'll be recreating this updo ASAP. Clearly the queen of the front row, she shut it all down yet again.

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