How To Pass The Wonderlic Wonscore Test And Climb The Career Ladder?

How To Pass The Wonderlic Wonscore Test And Climb The Career Ladder?

If you’re planning on joining a large firm or aiming for a higher position in the corporate ladder, there is a good chance that you will be made to take and pass the Wonderlic Wonscore assessment.

This pre-employment test is designed to help the company pick the right applicant for the job by giving them a good idea on what their cognitive, behavioral, and motivational profiles look like and see just how compatible they are with the ones that they want in an ideal candidate.

If you’re familiar with the Wonderlic, you might be thinking’: “Oh, this is just the Wonderlic Test, I did that once so this should be a piece of cake!”.

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Unfortunately, this only accounts for one-third of the Wonscore experience.

You read that right, in order for you to fully pass Wonscore assessments, you will have to take the Wonderlic personnel test, the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory, and the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment.

The good news is that if you’re already familiar with the Wonderlic test and know how to tackle it effectively, then you will only have to prepare for the other two assessments!

For the purpose of this article, however, we will go over all three of them so that aspiring professionals who are not familiar with the tests can prepare accordingly.

Keep in mind that your Wonderlic Wonscore is determined by the average of the three scores that you got in the assessments so you have to do well in all three of them if you want to be considered or be invited to the next part of the hiring process.

1. The Wonderlic Personnel Test Tip 1: Sharpen these particular skills

The Wonderlic Personnel Test aims to know how good you are by measuring skills that are directly related to how well a would-be candidate can function or perform their duties at the workplace.

These skills are:

Numerical Reasoning Skills - Where you have to prove that you can do simple to complex calculations by answering questions related to basic arithmetic, ratio, percentages, word problems, fractions, decimals, and others.

Verbal Reasoning Skills - Where your ability to understand written and spoken material is tested in order to prove that you have sufficient reading comprehension and communication skills. Questions can come in the form of finding synonyms or antonyms, fill-in-the-blanks, passage analysis, word choice, and others.

Logical Reasoning Skills - Where your problem-solving skills will be tested using deductive reasoning and logic-based questions.

Graphical Reasoning Skills - Where your ability to understand and create graphs and basic to complex statistical data is tested.

2. The Wonderlic Personnel Test Tip 2: Time Management

If you ask a test-taker of the Wonderlic as to what they think is the hardest part about it, it would most likely be its absurd time limit.

With the personnel test having 50 questions to be answered in 12 minutes, this means that every applicant only has 14 or so seconds to use per question if they want to answer everything.

Fortunately, you don’t need to force yourself to be stressed out with this.

Due to the presence of ‘time trap questions’, which are questions that purposefully made to be utterly difficult and would require a lot of time to understand or solve, it is advisable to instead skip or perform an educated guess on that question.

Why is this allowed? This is because the Wonderlic test is designed to also measure a candidate’s critical thinking skills.

It does this by having the test-takers decide whether or not they should waste their precious time answering one difficult question or 10 easy ones despite each of them being only worth one point.

3. How to tackle the personality test: Do some snooping

The second part of the Wonderlic Wonscore assessment that you will have to tackle is the Wonderlic Personal Characteristics Inventory (PCI).

Unlike the cognitive ability test, this exam is more difficult since we cannot be sure on how many points you can actually get due to it having a survey-type format and being a personality test.

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However, this doesn’t mean that there is no way for a test-taker to prepare. In reality, the means for you to excel in this test is supplied in two locations by the company: the job listing and the company website.

The PCI works by taking the responses of the test-taker, each choice being coded to one of five personality traits that are based on the big five model, and then see just how compatible they are with the personality profile that the company wants for the job position that they are applying for.

This profile is based mostly on the company's mission, vision, and core values with some reference to the nature of the job position.

While the exact creation of this profile varies from company to company, the PCI has to show that the applicant is compatible with the company culture, which is ingrained in the core values, and that they are a perfect fit with the duties and responsibilities of the job.

In the case of the latter, just think of it this way: if you want to hire someone as a sales associate, do you want them to be meek and shy or persuasive and confident?

By knowing this, you will be able to get a good idea on what responses to choose in the test to show that you are the perfect candidate to pick.

4. How to pass the Wonderlic Motivation Potential Assessment: Don’t be too eager

Similar to the PCI, the Motivation Potential Assessment (MPA) portion of the Wonderlic Wonscore assessment follows a survey or ranking format in order to assess the ‘drivers’ or just what kind of employee they are when it comes to the aspect of ‘motivation’.

Here, your ability to put in your best effort on a consistent basis is measured.

After all, it would be terrible for the company to hire someone who looked highly qualified but is then discovered to be incredibly lazy a few months, if not a few weeks, into their tenure.

While there are various MPA results out there to suit the needs of the company that you want to join, the objective in this test is clear: show that you are sufficiently motivated and that you are able to keep this sense of motivation in the long term.

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Is there a way to fail this test when it just follows a survey-type format along with the PCI? In a sense, yes, you can fail those assessments.

How? It’s when you select too many ‘extreme’ choices, characteristics, or statements that embody a positive trait all the while answering in the negative when such things embody a terrible one.

If you do this in either of the assessments, it is very likely that the hiring manager will be warned by the Wonderlic test results software that your responses “cannot be seen as reliable, accurate, or truthful”. 

Should this happen, you may as well say goodbye to your chances of being hired.

To mitigate this from happening, you should answer the tests as honestly as possible while carefully tailoring your answers to bring out the best in you.

This means that you shouldn’t be afraid to select some of the ‘neutral’ answers or even confirm some of the negative statements if they apply to you.

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