Photolemur Review: No More Manual Photo Editing

Photolemur Review: No More Manual Photo Editing

About Photolemur

Photolemur is a tech company using computer science and Artificial Intelligence to enhance photos automatically.

Each photo is a stopped moment from life. Cameras are taking just pixels, they return instant beauty of moment to each picture taken with any camera.

The mission of Photolemur is to bridge the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras take. It doesn’t change the look of the reality on the photos, it simply makes photos vivid, beautiful and natural. Just like the world around.

Their goal is to help millions of people around the globe to get more vivid memories from any snapshots without manual photo editing.

Things you would love at Photolemur

Even with today’s impressive camera bodies and lenses, it’s far too easy to lose the vibrancy of colours you see with your naked eye when you’re photographing a scene. With its brilliant Color Recovery feature, Photolemur fixes this issue by instantly adjusting the lacklustre colours in your photographs and making than pop.

Photolemur customer reviews

Photolemur is the best photo editing software in the world, no learning curve, so easy, and makes my pictures look amazing! This is an investment that i did not regret and was so happy to have made it, thank you sooooo much! Now my pics look LIT!

I came across Photolemur in my inbox. I read through its features and capabilities and downloaded a trial version. I think I used it on two or three photos and the results were enough to convince me to register. It does a good job of enhancing photos and the results are comparable to those produced by dedicated photo editors. I’m really glad that I came across this application.

Photolemur is the easiest photo program I have ever used. This is the photo program for the absolute novice who knows nothing about how to process and enhance their photos. It does it all for you!

Photolemur is wonderful for “package” processing, especially when you need to launch a bunch of pictures on a social network. Thank you, guys – you are very creative

I tried the program with about a thousand images without experiencing any problems. I also used it as a Photoshop plugin without experiencing problems. Good work!

First off, I’d like to start by saying that your software is a LIFE SAVER when it comes to editing raw photos fast and effortlessly. I tell all of my photographer friends about your software.



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