How To Pick The Perfect Outfit For Summer

How To Pick The Perfect Outfit For Summer


It’s the summer season, and it is the perfect weather to go out and spend time outdoors with friends and family.  As the temperature continues to rise in the new season, we have to revamp our racks with a suitable style.

You will be relieved of this guide of how to pick the perfect outfit for summer! Which look will you rock on first? 

Casual Summer Outfit

It’s not difficult to have a new look every day. Although you can’t play with layers, scarves, and jackets. But you could do a little twist with your outfit to survive the hot weather in summer. Here’s how you could pull off a comfortable summer outfit:

  1. Put on a loose casual shirt. You will not be comfortable wearing tight clothes. It would make you feel hotter. So, choose an outfit that skims lightly around your torso and allows your arms to move freely. 

  • If you want to look chic in the summertime, the most popular wears are sleeveless shirts and tank tops. You can pair sleeveless shirts with ripped pants or shorts to have the ultimate summertime outfit.

  • But, if you feel the sun’s too hot right now, and want to protect most of your skin, you can have a cool graphic tee and jeans, and pair it with your favorite sneakers.

  1. Chose a comfortable bottom that suits your casual top. You can wear shorty shorts if you want to have a chic vibe during the summer. But, if you are worried that the sun might damage your skin, you can have loose and flowy fabric. That way, you only have a little skin exposed. More so, it is not constricting than regular men. You can also try on skirts and lightweight pants.

  2. Pick breathable and lightweight clothes. Wearing these types of fabrics would give you the most comfortable wear during summer. Athletic fabrics, linen, and cotton are the most popular summer wear choices as they allow the sweat to evaporate.

Linen is the most suitable type of fabric for any occasion, and it pairs well with other outfits. Meanwhile, if you want to work out or play sports during the summer, you can do so with athleisure clothes.

  1. Always bring an extra layer with you. Summer isn’t all about sunshine. There are times when the weather gets cold. We cannot accurately predict the weather, so it would be best to hang out or walk outside with a long-sleeve or cardigan top around you. With an additional layer with you, you cannot quickly get cold.

  2. Mix your casual outfit with a swimsuit if you are hanging around water. Are you heading to the beach or pool? Do not hide your chic swimwear! You can build your outfit around it, so you could both show off your casual wear and swimwear.

Have your top bikini show its straps under your shirt, or wear swim trunks instead of shorts. This way, your clothes tell how ready you are to enjoy and jump into the water. 

Dress Up for Summer

Are you up to a feminine look for your perfect summer outfit? Well, you can wear breezy blouses, dresses, and jumpsuits to stay effortlessly stylish and cool during the summer.

  1. Dress up with a flowy blouse. You can have tailored styles in the summer for formal occasions, but make sure they are not too structured and tight as they could be uncomfortable in the hot weather. Loosely fitted and flowy blouses are perfect for the hottest month of the year.

  2. Wear luxurious-looking shorts or skirts to look feminine on a hot summer day. Tuxedo shorts or boxy structured cut are the go-to outfits for a formal event on a hot summer. You can match it with a button-down shirt and high heels for a glam look, or a flowy top and cute sandals for a chic style.

  3. A linen suit for formal occasions or business meetings. Sometimes work is demanding, and you have to attend a formal meeting on hot weather. The hot weather won’t make us a fan of a 3-piece suit. You will be soaked with sweat in the meeting with that outfit. Instead, choose a lightweight linen suit. You can pair it with a lightweight fabric undershirt for a fresh and cool feeling. Make yourself feel more comfortable with a pair of loafers or boat shoes.

  4. Light-colored dress to show off your tan. Summer is a perfect time to have a tan look. If you are going to a date or formal event, wear a light-colored dress to emphasize your tan look. You do not want to wear a black dress under the sun, right? It will absorb the heat and make you soak on sweat.

  5. You can have a formal jumpsuit. If you are not a fan of wearing a dress, you can have a chic look with a formal jumpsuit. 

Put On Some Blings

  1. Top your outfit with a hat. Hats can add an extra twist to your perfect summer outfit, and it protects you from the sun. 

  • You can have a baseball hat to give a more casual-cool vibe, and you can protect your eyes when you are outside. 

  • If you want to be stylish, you can have a wide-brimmed, floppy hat. It would be perfectly paired with a dress.

  1. Wear your favorite sunnies. Sunglasses do not only make you look cool. They protect our eyes from the harmful sun rays. Sporty, oversized, or an aviator wouldn’t matter as long as it rocks with your outfit.

  2. Choose comfortable sandals or sneakers. The last thing to have a perfect outfit for the summer is to wear comfortable sandals or sneakers. Canvas sneakers are breathable and comfortable to work around. Meanwhile, sandals may keep your feet cool, but it could be uncomfortable for you as it cannot protect your skin from the sun.

However, choosing sneakers is the best for me. You couldn’t care less where you are if you are using sneakers. You are still dressed appropriately in every setting. 

Final Thought

Seasons come and go– and we want to be stylish in each season every year. Ensure that you are correctly taking care of your clothes to maintain their “new” look until the next summer season. Laundry them correctly and store them safely in your wardrobe.

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