Best Places To Rent In The "Mountain States"

Best Places To Rent In The "Mountain States"

If the mountains are calling your name, follow what you are hearing and start a new chapter of your life. You will not regret heading to any city in the Mountain States, especially the ones listed here. Relocating can be a giant task and something many of us have never done before.

It’s recommended to rent, at first, as it’s easier to get in and out of than purchasing a home as soon as you land in your new city. If this is something that’s always been in the back of your head and you aren’t sure where specifically to settle down, here’s a few options absolutely worth considering.

Bozeman, MT

Located in the southern part of the state, the city of Bozeman is popular among students, professionals, and families alike. Be it at the college level or the primary and secondary level, Bozeman offers some of the best education in the state.

It’s also a near perfect place for those looking to settle somewhere with constant cultural events to be a part of. In the city, and surrounding areas, there will always be an event to attend. Be it an art gallery, a festival or concerts, there will always be something to do if you choose to rent there.

Aurora, CO

This city lives as the perfect medley of convenience, affordability, and quality of life. Aurora is only a few miles outside of Denver which means the city is there only when you want it. You’ll live a quiet life here but still have access to all the conveniences that come with city living, such as proximity to a major airport and plenty of options for shopping.

Just take one look at Aurora apartments and you’ll be quick to see that it’s priced lower than what you might find elsewhere in the state of Colorado. Many parts of the Centennial State are getting more and more expensive as time goes on so it’s important to keep in mind price when looking to move. 

Settling down in Aurora can surely offer everything you’re looking for in that perfect mix of natural peace and all the offerings that come with any major. Don’t pass on this area if Colorado is your state of choice.

Boise, ID

As a place to rent, anywhere else in Idaho is going to have a hard time beating Boise. It has a perfect blend of rural charm and big-city convenience that is sure to make anyone happy. On top of that, there are endless professional opportunities for those looking to live in the city or commute in from the surrounding suburbs.

Don’t feel like you won’t be able to afford living within the city's limits if that’s what’s calling to you. On average, rent in Boise is lower than the national average.

You’ll also never be far from the mountains either. They will nearly always be in view and you’ll only ever be a 20 minute drive away from getting right back into the nature that you love.


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Visit Centennial State, you will be joined outdoorsy types throughout the year. It will be so great to have horseback rides and hikes in the summertime. If you travel here in the winter, ski, or snowboard some of the best snow, it will be so amazing.


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