RZ Mask

In 2010 RZ Mask was born with an impressing product line of air mask. The mask is designed with enough sleekness to fit under a helmet. Moreover, it is comfortable enough to be worn all day, effective enough to filter 99.9% of particulates, and durable enough to be used day in and day out. Over years, the demand for RZ Mask quickly escalated. By combining comfort and durability with an effective long lasting replaceable filter, it became the ideal particulate solution in over 50 different industries.

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Respro Ultralight 

Air masks from Ultralight are made of breathable material and designed with 4-way technical stretch fabric, this allows your face to breathe in hot and humid conditions. They provide you 4 sizes to choose the fittest mask for you. The mask is so beneficial thanks to a
very breathable PM2.5 filter combined to improved sealing. This mask is not only suitable for dusty environments but also other outdoor activities such as off-road motorsports or paintball or air-soft games.

Cambridge Mask

Cambridge Masks are known as an awesome product filtering out nearly 100% of particulate pollution such as PM2.5 & PM0.3, gases, as well as bacteria and viruses. Its inner filtration layer is made from a 100% pure activated carbon cloth, this is so useful in chemical, biological and nuclear warfare protection. This mask is super suitable for people living in places with high air pollution levels such as China or India.

AQBlue Masks

In AQBlue Masks’ website, you can look for two main types of products: AQblue Plus+ and AQblue moto.

AQblue Plus+ is typically used for air pollution because of a
highly adjustable fitness with 95% filtering of PM2.5. You can use it up to 20 hours before changing another. Besides, you are provided various options of masks’ color, so it is not only benificial but also fashionable.

AQblue Moto resists degradation from oil particles on polluted roadways thanks to over 95% filtering of PM2.5. Its useful life is 10 hours longer than AQblue Plus+ and you will have 10 color options.


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